24 May '15

WowWee Toys

WowWee Toys


WowWee was founded in 1988 as an independent research and development and manufacturing company, focused on cutting-edge technologies. WowWee has established a highly successful and ingenious product development process. This process is centered on the continuity of: (i) identifying and integrating emerging technologies into affordable, creative consumer affordable products.




I received a Package from WowWee Toys for a review.  When My packaged arrived I was excited to see what was in it. To my surprise there was a robot in it called MiP. Working with handicapped children I was excited to take him to work and let the kids play with him. Working with a range of special needs kids  MiP was easy enough to use for them. After showing them how to do the hand commands with him, they had him off and going. He has several stages of operation and color coded for you to know which one you are using. You can change what he does just by turning his wheel.

Orange: Tracking

Light Blue: Dance

Yellow: Roam

Red: Tricks

White: Cage

Pink: Stack

(unfortunately do to Hippa Laws I could not take pics of the kids with him)


The kids really enjoyed that he dances! The best part was they had a little competition on how many things they could stack on him. They built little areas for him to see if he could get out. The kids have hours of fun with him everyday!

I also received ELEKTROKIDZ by WowWee


This is a little dolls that there hair dances to music. I have a few of my kids that music is there EVERYTHING!! When they are having a difficult time with something and gets frustrated, music is something that helps them calm and move on to finishing there task. So when they seen “Stan” (that’s the name they gave him) and seen what he could do everybody gathered around to watch him dance. They all took turns picking a song for him. They have hours of fun with him, it is also a tool I use to help kids finish there goals. If they want to use “Stan” they know they have to complete there tasks first.

( unfortunately due to Hippa Laws I could not take pic with kids)

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These toys will provide your kids with hours of fun! I recommend you try them!  You can find them at

Website: http://www.wowwee.com/

Facebook: "#"WowWee?fref=ts

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