Aroma Rice Cooker PLUS Review I <3 THIS COOKER!!!!

 I think I have found the ULTIMATE Kitchen Appliance that I CANNOT live without!!!



The AROMA Rice cooker does a whole lot more then just steam rice, we have been using it steadily for a couple weeks now on a daily basis! Capacity 20 Cup !!

It Steams! It slow cooks!! Makes rice perfectly!


My Review By Emptynester Reviews:

I am so overwhelmed with the possibilities of endless uses for the Aroma Rice Cooker that is hard to find a starting point. First thing I while mention is the name is all wrong, this should be called the Aroma All Around Kitchen Ultimate Cooker! It does absolutely everything I thought it would do but way more then I  can dream of! I have used this cooker now for making, Beef Stew,Chili, Roasts,Pulled Pork, steaming fish and vegetables along with cooking perfect rice! It can make 4-20 cups of rice! It comes with a full size liner for steaming,slow cooking etc. a tray for steaming, a spoon and a measuring cup. The digital display on the front goes hand in hand with the guide book that comes with the cooker for preparing just about anything you can imagine. The timers have automatic keep warm settings and then shut off completely settings so you never have to worry about this cooker being left on too long! (BEST FEATURE EVER!!)

imageThe first thing I noticed about the Aroma Cooker is that when used as a slow cooker it heats up instantly to be able to brown your meat for stew and chili right in the cooker itself! If it starts to slow down before your meat is completely browned you can turn it off and click it right back on to Slow cook and you will be able to finish off your browning process within that time frame. It made my Chili and Beef Stew process a whole lot easier without dirtying several pans!

I steamed Cod and numerous vegetables already in the cooker, it has automatic settings you choose from in the book that helps guide you through the process the first couple times until you have it down pat. I love steamed foods, it preserves the flavor and nutrients so much better then boiling and other pan cooked ways of preparing them. I feel 100% better feeding my family steamed vegetables as I know it is so much better for them and that makes me feel like a great person!

The delay timer works amazing, it saved me this past Friday night with my son having a football game. I put a roast in the Cooker and set the timer to start a couple hours later as we had errands to run before the game . When we got home after 10:30PM we had a roast that was fully cooked and could make hot beef sandwiches for supper, this was great as we were all half frozen from sitting at a frigid football game for 3 hours. (It was Homecoming)




 The Aroma cooker (model ARC-150SB)  is  currently available at


The price on Aroma’s Website is 64.99 +s/h

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