7 Oct '14

Show Off Your Individuality with Jamberry Nails

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Each of us have a little bit of individuality that we want to share with the outside world.  This tidbit of uniqueness can be in the color of your hair, your makeup, the style of your dress, or the art on your nails.   Personally I prefer to blend in with the crowd but enjoy having something a little distinctive and this is my nails.  You know when you go to the mall and people watch there is always one thing that catches your eye about the person you are watching.  Yup, well for me I watch for all the fashion type things such as nails.

Now nails can be an expensive habit to maintain so that is when I  fell into the habit of trying to do my nails myself. OMG…What a nightmare this was.

Day 1….Two hours attempting to get nail polish from the bottle and ONLY onto my nails. Too many Q-tips used to clean up mistakes and messes.
Day 2….Mid way through the day I started to chew on my nails. (Okay, so I know that more germs are carried in your dirty finger nails than any other place.)
Day 3….Nail polish began to peel and chip.
Day 4….Time to find something else to work with.

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I looked at the local stores and saw such a variety of artificial nails but the smell of the glue made me sick and they never lasted more than a day or two.  I continued my search…Then we heard about Jamberry Nails.  Okay, so I heard about them from Megan, my 16 year old granddaughter, the most in-tuned person on earth when it comes to the latest thing in everything to do with makeup.  I knew that if anyone would want to try out new nail items then it would be her.  Our package arrived and all I had to do was wait until she got out of school to begin our new quest.  She actually did go on line to view the Official Application Video before starting (probably due to my nagging for her to do so).  We started the process on me first and with very few errors and the help of the video and patience we were almost done.  We did follow the video closely  and any other tips that we had gathered by reading other reviews. (And I suggest that you do the same unless you are like Megan and I and learn by trial and error.)

Here are some of the tips that we followed :

Be prepared to take your time.
Ensure that your nails have polish or have been cleaned with rubbing alcohol.
Hold the Jamberry nail sheet over the nail that you are working with to ensure the correct size.
Using a tool other than your fingers and peel back the nail shield and cut it to fit your nail.
Using your blow dryer, place the nail shield that you have cut, heat it up so that it is soft and bendy.
Apply the cut nail shield to your nail while working out any bubbles.
Cut off any excess to ensure proper fit.

When Megan was finished with mine it only took her minutes to get hers in place and she was ready to move on to another project.

There are several reason that I love Jamberry Nail Wraps…They last for quite some time, often a month.They look awesome and can be used with any occasion,dressy or casual.     They are easy to remove without damaging my nails.  The selection fits  into any color or holiday theme.  For each order you receive more than enough for many applications.

Jamberry Nails allow me to feel  unique and special in a crowd.









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