Sentry Safe HD4100 Giveaway US only ends 10/22

Emptynester Reviews is pleased to present a giveaway to protect your valuables! This review was done by Powered By mom Blog however, we work together to promote each others giveaways to  be able to give our fans all a chance at winning the amazing prize! I too, will be having a Sentry Safe giveaway coming up soon for you all to enter! I am super duper excited! We all need these fire proof Items for our homes, to safe keep the items we never would want to lose.

FIRE-SAFE®-HD4100 Giveaway!

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Powered by Mom Blog had the privilege of reviewing not one but two different types of safes from Sentry Safe.

  1. Fire-Safe HD4100 – protection against fire, theft and flood damage
  2. Big Bolts –SFW123CS - for home security if your area is evacuated and you have to go to a shelter (also protects against fire, theft and flood damage)

This first review and giveaway is for the Fire-Safe HD4100. We will be publishing the review and giveaway for the Big Bolts safe after this one so make sure to watch out for it! READ POWERED BY MOM’S FULL REVIEW HERE

The Fire Safe HD4100 is perfect for keeping important documents, jewelry and other small items safe from fire, theft and flood damage. To prove how well it can protect your valuables check out this water test on the video below that the folks at Sentry Safe did for this exact model!


    • ETL Verified 1/2-hour fire protection for CDs, DVDs, USB drives and memory sticks up to 1550°F
    • Key lock for privacy
    • Privacy Key Lock
    • UL Classified 1/2-hour proven fire protection
    • Waterproof Seal-ETL Verified
    • In-lid holder for CDs and DVDs
    • Color: Silver Gray

Now for the fun go and enter the giveaway on the rafflecopter below to protect your valuables!

Please remember to only claim the entries you’ve actually followed through on as we will verify entries. Anyone who claims entries they did not follow through on will have all entries disqualified and may be disqualified from future events. Thanks for keeping it fair for everyone!

Open to US residents 18 years of age and over only.

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  1. Vicky Watkins says

    Insurance paper work, vital statistic paper work, deeds, titles.

  2. Denise Vandenbusch Bohman says

    I need one to actually lock up medications in. I haven’t been able to find one arund here that would do the trick.

  3. Cherie Novak says

    I could really use a safe! I just had some personal property stolen :(

  4. Cherie Novak says

    I could really use a safe. I just had personal property stolen from me this last week :(

  5. Peggy Bolling says

    Marriage license, deed to the house, birth certificates, irreplaceable photos

  6. Jason Brower says

    I would put wedding pictures and other non replaceable items in it as well things that could be dangerous to kids.

  7. Donna Anthony says

    I have some old baseball cards that cost a lot so I would put them in there and my other important papers Thank you for the chance to win

  8. Andrea Perra Hadfield says

    I’d put important/confidential documents in the safe.

  9. Lyndie Barker says

    What would you put in the Sentry Safe if you had one?
    documents, money and photos

  10. Shannon Mangham says

    I’d put birth certificates, Insurance Policies, Passports, and my dad’s sentimental jewelry.

  11. Brandy Shields says

    Important papers and my external hard drive to keep my pictures safe in case of a fire.

  12. Judy Sharpe Creditt says

    If I win I will keep my tips in it. I am a bartender and because I make tips (get paid daily) people think I am a bank. They don’t realize that my tips are my paycheck :(

  13. Michelle says

    I would put SS cards, birth certificates and titles/deeds as well as pictures!

  14. Tricia says

    birth certificate, adoption certificates, social security cards, passports…. of course, I’d need to anchor it wherever I had it.

  15. Lisa F says

    birth certificates, marriage license, kids ID safety info, jewelry, insurance papers, etc

  16. Doreen Spitzer-Lemire says

    birth certificates, closing documents, coins, silver certicicates

  17. Valarie Gentry says

    I would probably put important documents like birth certificates, SS cards, & Passports!

  18. Jennifer R. says

    I have a lot of coins and some paperwork that i would like to be protected.

  19. Theresa says

    I too would put in it the important paper and also our wedding negative for 25 years ago this month. :)

  20. Jaime Dubey says

    If I were to win the safe I would put all of my families important paperwork and my medications into it.

  21. Rachel Grills-Botelho says

    I would put my passports, birth cert. wedding photo disc. things that really can’t be replaced! We need one so bad

  22. Walter Miller says

    I would put my important documents and my pistol so that I can protect my family and house while keeping the kids safe from getting to my pistol.

  23. kathi spencer says

    special things – my other safe got broken into – by a “friend” and she took much of my special money and things. I need a new one that no one will be able to find and get to

  24. Cindy A says

    This would be totally awesome to but my important documents in to keep them safe.

  25. sheila says

    I would put all of our important papers, such as, birth cert, wills, insurance, etc… thank you…

  26. Krista Callery says

    I would put Birth Certificates and SS Cards in there and Everything That i want to cherish like my baby girls baby book ect.

  27. Bunny says

    We have been needing a safe like this for a long time. I would put our important documents in it.

  28. Brandi Price says

    Definitely would use it for important docs and my memory sticks with all my pics!

  29. Lisa Sarmiento says

    I would put my important papers and anything of a certain value in it! :)

  30. Ross Olson says

    I would put our marriage license, birth certificates, and other important papers in the safe.
    Ross Olson

  31. michelle fuller says

    Insurance papers, jury duty discharge letter, birth certificate, savings/treasury bonds, coins,jewelry,etc.

  32. Rebecca Reinwalt says

    court papers, birth certificates, soc. sec. cards, divorce decrees, marriage certs., gold, silver, collectible coins/paper money, flash drive with family history/pictures,

  33. says

    Everyone should have one of these! I would put all important personal papers like birth certificates, etc. as well as special pictures!