24 May '15



Our fun loving spirit of innovation is reflected in our user focused design philosophy. we want to make families’ lives more fun, more convenient, and in a truly original way. and we believe that our unique attention to detail and the user focus set okiedog apart from the pack!



I received bags from Okiedog for review. When I got my bags in the mail they were SO cute. I work with handicapped children and we use these kind of bags when we go out into the community. Some of the kids need things to go out with them. When I showed them the bags that came in they were excited to pack the bag and carry it with them. Normally they could care less on who carries the bag or whats in it! Since getting the bag they now take the time to pack what they need. We take turns on who gets to carry the bag and who’s stuff goes in it.

(due to Hippa Laws pics could not be with the kids)


The bag is 3D, and it water proof. It has a interior mesh pocket that you can  place smaller things in. It also has an adjustable strap for kids, and parents to carry.

I also received from Okiedog a roller bag.


This bag is also 3D, and water proof. It comes with the interior mesh pocket. The kids love to pack this bag and roll it around with us. One of my kids asked if he could use this bag to go on a weekend home visit with his family. When he returned his mom said he took that bag every where with him (she is now looking into getting him his own).  I have one of the kids that just like to put things in it and roll it around the house. These bags make it fun for the kids!!

If you pack a bag and bring things with you when you leave. I recommend you try these bags. The kids will love them!! They can be found at

Website:  http://okiedog.us/

Facebook: "#"okiedog?fref=ts

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