My 1st Story Jack and the Magic Beans review



My 1st Story Jack and the Magic Beans review

My review By Emptynester Reviews:
Jack and the Magic Beans • $ 12.99
What an adorable keepsake and fun for an edition to a child’s library! This hardcover book by My 1st story, is a wonderful story that is completely kid friendly, and touches on a few manners that we all work on with our children. Sharing and caring are never manners we would like our children to forget, along with recognition of saying “sorry” and realizing a mistake. This Book Jack and the Magic Beans is beautifully written for easy read, and only a sentence or 2 per page. The illustrations are beautiful and simple with no scary items to make the child feel uncomfortable. A wonderful spin off the original story of Jack and the Beanstalk, that I have to admit has a fear factor for the giant in the sky, this adaptation has a cute monster and in fact has that cute monster that comes with the story as a snuggly friend for your child to add to their furry friend collection. In fact in the story when the monster cries it is rain for the world below, what a unique addition.The My 1st Story book sets are for ages 0-5, with many more selections to choose from.

Jack and the Magic Beans is a hardcover 12 by 10 book that includes the stuffed cute monster that is a full 12″ tall that is washable and ready to be friends with your child. My 1st Story Books all come in the collections with different stories including a stuffed friend and are beautifully adaptations of our old stories we loved with a new spin on manner teaching and removing all the scary items. I think these are the best series of books I have seen in a long time! These are just plain adorable and kid friendly stories that I recommend wholeheartedly!

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