17 Nov '14

A Little More Bling with My Bling Place


Everyone loves some BLING in their life it doesn’t matter what age you are a little Bling can bring joy into your eyes.

Both Amber and Megan love to add bling to their outfits  and search to find just the right piece to match it. Yep, bling is not lacking in our home nor on the girls.  But,we still continue to look for that one or two special pieces to go with the next outfit.

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We live in a small town and only have a limited variety of shops to go to look for that desired unusual piece of bling so we jumped on to our families friendliest shopping mall….the internet.  After a few minutes of searching we found it….THE BLINK PLACE. Such a great site and variety of the Bling!


When our box arrived it was a rush to see who could get to it first.  Megan grabbed it our of her sister’s hands and torn into it like it was a bag of sunflower seeds. Inside the box was some outstanding personalized pieces of  bling in the shape of a bracelet. Each of the girls actually got a black wide bracelet with bold block letters spelling out their names.  Two awesome pieces of bling! They couldn’t wait to put them on…perfect fit in more ways than one.

Now this intrigued me so while they were showing off their new bling I started looking for my own.  Their website has such a variety of items from the girls bracelets  to a larger selection of more bracelets, keychains, pet tags, window decals and a Chic bag, offering  a style that you can call your very own.  Being the pet lover that I am I went directly to the pet tag page to get my furbabies a Christmas present.


Talking about Christmas presents…..if you have someone special in your life who loves Bling then you need to jump over to the “THE BLING PLACE” to get something personalized just for them this year to hide under the tree.


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