How to Save Money on Your Wedding Ring by Taking Your Time


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How to Save Money on Your Wedding Ring by Taking Your Time

Many of us know that good things come to those who wait, and it’s certainly an adage that is well applied to the wedding planning process. Nowhere is this more true than selecting your wedding ensembles, including the bridal dress, groom’s tux or suit, and perhaps most importantly given their continued wear after the wedding, the bride and groom’s rings.

It turns out that having a little time to purchase women’s and men’s wedding bands is one of the best methods to save big on your overall wedding expenditures. Here are four ways in which you can save money by biding your time – while still getting the wedding ring of your dreams.

Determine your budget. As with all things wedding related, one of the most important steps before shopping is to determine your itemized budget. Shopping for your wedding is a highly emotional experience, and one in which you can easily throw caution to the wind if you think you’ve found “the one.”
Consider dedicating more of your clothing and accessories budget to your wedding rings given their longevity, but make sure that you stay within your financial comfort zone. Before you’re dazzled by the selection of wedding rings for men and women online and in brick and mortar stores, decide what your ideal price range is for each ring, as well as your “don’t go above this” number is – and then stick to it. While your absolute highest price may not be as high as you like, and saving on your wedding band may seem unromantic, as you’ll soon find out, you’ll no doubt be able to find your ideal ring without breaking your bank – and you’ll love your wedding band that much more for it.

Get to know the materials. Gold and platinum are generally the first materials that come to mind when one thinks of women’s and men’s wedding bands, but they are far from being the only options on the table. There are actually a considerable number of high quality metals and materials currently available on the wedding jewelry market (particularly when it comes to wedding rings for men) that are significantly less expensive than these two precious metals.
If you’re absolutely set on a precious metal, take a look at palladium. Being a member of the platinum group metals, it’s highly comparable to platinum, but available at a price that is more similar to 14K gold. You can also try 10K gold rings; they are much less expensive than their 14K and 18K counterparts, but retain the timeless appeal of gold.
Out of the contemporary metals, cobalt chrome and Argentium silver both offer the look of platinum or white gold, but at a fraction of the price and with added durability. As an additional benefit, both metals are also naturally silvery white, and will never need to be re-plated. For the more adventurous, titanium, tungsten and ceramic wedding rings for men and women are consistently some of the most popular contemporary material options.

Price check. If you have a particular ring in mind (or even just a particular style of ring), it’s time to do some price comparison. Shopping online tends to yield the best prices, and makes it extremely easy to check one store’s price against another store’s price. There are a number of free online services that will help you check prices quickly and easily, such as Yahoo Shopping, Google Shopping and Don’t forget to take factors like shipping and tax costs into account when weighing stores against one another, as these costs may significantly alter the final price out of pocket.

Shop seasonally. Finally, if you have a comfortable amount of time to purchase your wedding rings, try to do it during periods when there are likely to be discounted prices. Special promotions are often held during certain times of year, such as immediately after Thanksgiving or Christmas, as well as during three day weekend holidays like Labor Day and President’s Day. Bookmark your favorite ring or rings and check back during these key times to see if there are any special sales or discounts that you can take advantage of.

By taking the time to set a budget, educate yourself on the available materials, do some price comparison and by shopping at an optimal time of year, you are certain to save a considerable amount on your wedding band – without compromising on style or quality.

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