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I have spent a lot of time and energy, thinking of just the right original items, I think would be a great gift idea for you. Like snowflakes, which are all unique, so are the people we buy for each year, and what better way to create a gift guide then to make it so that you can choose just the right gift for just the right person, unique and personal.

Each day I am going to be bringing you a giveaway, in conjunction with My Gift Guide. This way we will be able to share with you my choices, you will be able to read my reviews, and perhaps be the lucky winner of the day for each individual giveaway.

I will be starting giveaways nightly at 12 am est and ending at midnight the following evening.

I will be updating winners information as soon as I have them confirmed right here on this post as it progresses!

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A Wonderful StoryBook Set by My 1st Books


Winner Entry #429 Diane L.



winner Shelly J




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11/29-11/30 $49 gc


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Enter to win the 1 day flash giveaway for all you see in picture above 2 headbands and a pair of bare feet read my review click the picture :)

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.Enter to win a 8 oz Bottle of Silk ALL NATURAL Body Creme!!

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  1. Mandy V says

    I would love to share these with my boys!!! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  2. Karen Ziegler says

    My mom used to always read the pokey little puppy to me when i was young..

  3. Corinne Smith says

    The only one I can think of was the braided cross stitch floss we made and shared Thks for the chance to win this my Granddaughter would love this.

  4. Monica says

    growing up i would make bracelets from yarn or thick string in all kinds of different colors.

  5. Shelly Garvin Johnson says

    When I was little we use to use sewing thread, and I couldnt tell you how to make them now, but we use to make these friendship bracelets by tying knots around and around the thread. We would put beads onthem sometimes to spell names, or bff, or whatever. They were so much fun!!

  6. sarah buki says

    i used to make my own, all sorts with the different color strings.

  7. Elizabeth Parker says

    We just put beads on stretchy strings when I was little. When we got a little older, we learned to braid strings and such, but I still have some of my beaded bracelets. :)

  8. amy williams says

    I had a heart shaped braclet broke in half one said best the other said friend

  9. Misty Simpson says

    I had the friendship slap bracelets. We had a couple hundered of them and would constantly trade off with each other :)

  10. Tracie Russell says

    We used to make the ones with embroidery floss that you hooked onto a clipboard and tied knots. Loved them!!!

  11. denise smith says

    i had a heart one friendship bracelet you were to t to give the other half yo your friend it was really cute

  12. Katie Wilson says

    i never made friendship braclets but as growed up and had 4 daughters, i sure learned how to fast. We made them out of thread with knots around the thread and then they would braid things and use them for friendship braclets and done other things to make them….now they have daughters that do the friendship braclets

  13. Kimberly Frazee says

    Havent ever had alot of perfume. I like the White Diamonds and the Jenna Jameson which I think was her first perfume out lol whichever it was. Always use like vanilla body spray or honeysuckle

  14. Tammy Smith says

    my favorite fragrance actually is Fergie. I tried it through Avon a couple yrs ago and loved it

  15. Becky Grayson says

    Pleasures is my all time favorite! Love how refreshing it smells and not over powering at all.

  16. sarah buki says

    i always liked sunflower and there was a jlopez one i really liked too

  17. Tina says

    I would have to say “Pink” is my favorite right now but I like different scents for different times of the year

  18. Karen Ziegler says

    I couldn’t comment above about the other giveaway i entered from your site it was ceasable laptop carrier.

  19. Lauren Tisthammer says

    I loveeeee love love love Viva La Juicy! Its definitely my signature scent (:

  20. denise smith says

    i would choose the Leather Wrap Bracelet , 14K Gold Bracelet thanks

  21. samantha avery says

    I like the Concentration Hematite Leather Wrap
    Bracelet … thanks for the chance.

  22. Ruth Reynolds says

    Flowery Amethyst Bracelet, Stretch Bracelet, Yoga Inspired, Unisex, Free Shipping

  23. richelle leffler says

    i love outspoken and another fav for awhile is sweet honesty cause my grandma used to get it for me every year

  24. Robin H. says

    Ladies Rose Quartz Leather Wrap Bracelet, Energy Jewelry, Gemstone Wrap Bracelet

  25. Elizabeth Parker says

    I would get the Hematite Leather Wrap Bracelet with Rembrandt closure or Steady Tiger Eye Leather Wrap Bracelet with Tribal Closure. :)

  26. ashlee walls says

    I think the Agate Stretchy Bracelet with Ohm Charm and Accent bead is just perfect

  27. Heather Allen maston says

    Stretch Bracelet, Black Onyx Necklace with Sterling Silver Peace Charm, Meditation Bracelet, Stretchy Bracelet

  28. misty farmer says

    I would pick Stretch Bracelet, Black Onyx Necklace with Sterling Silver Peace Charm, Meditation Bracelet, Stretchy Bracelet!

  29. denise powell says

    sarah buki says:

    11/29/2012 at 8:39 am

    i like the Flowery Amethyst Bracelet

  30. Kathy Ross says

    I’d love to have the Lucky Tourmaline Energy Bracelet with 14K Gold Filled accent beads, Meditation Bracelet, Yoga Bracelet.

  31. jody r says

    these are the best looking spiritual bracelets i have come across. i look for my sister all the time and haven’t been able to find a decent one. thank you.

  32. Carrie Baka says

    I had to go into esty and find the site that way. Doesn’t work through the link. Might be just me might not. Thought I point it out. If i found the right site I like the flower headbands.

  33. Elizabeth Parker says

    I love the Polka Dots Toddler or Baby Barefoot Sandals and the Lavender Flowers Toddler or Baby Headband. :)

  34. Karen Ziegler says

    I had the broken hearts friendship bracelet, the one where you have one that says “best” and your friend has “friend”….

  35. sherri says

    I was bullied, I didn’t have many friends or people I could trust. Sad but true.

  36. Jill Alicea says

    I used to make friendship bracelets by hand with the colored string that you could braid together all different ways!

  37. Darlene Webb says

    I never did the friendship bracelet thing, we always got the necklaces where the two pieces fit together

  38. Shannon Hamner says

    I had the half heart ones. Where your bff wore the other half and they’d fit together.

  39. angel says

    My favorite was actually a friendship ring. My roommate from college made it for me. It was purple and green! I still have it too!!!

  40. Cassie says

    The only ones I remember are the ones with the beads and the braided ones.

  41. Tammy says

    My grandmother had a sewing room, and we were always raiding her embroidery threads to make multicolored bracelets!!!! Between myself & my cousin, we made all kinds of stuff for our neighborhod friends!

  42. shannon portl sanchez says

    we had friendship pins made out of safety pins and colored beads :)

  43. Tammy says

    Love the MyImage Bracelet kit,,,,,, I would love to have one of these—-even today @ 48 years old!!!!!

  44. kristina livsey says

    we made our own out of embroidery floss. we were really good and fast at it back then! not so much these days :)