17 Nov '14

Getting my Comfort on with Obedo, Neck and Back Cradle


How many of us have gone to a movie, for a ride in your car, or even a longer trip on an airplane? Oh, yep! How about sitting on your own couch watching your favorite television program? Okay, how many of us have experience that ache in your neck  just from sitting in a possible wrong position?  Yes, I have and man when your neck begins to hurt/ache if really impacts every inch of your being. I have tried pillows, ice packs, specialty pillows, rolled blankets and oh, so many more but they just didn’t work. Okay, so I continued my search to finally eliminate my neck pain!

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Yep, that is when I found out about OBEDO, Neck and Back Cradle.  So, when I first saw it I honestly laughed out loud. The while sitting on the couch watching TV I took the plunge, took it out of it’s wrap,a beautiful royal blue soft velveteen fabric, strange looking thing.  But, all it took was once! I took it laughing and placed  behind my neck with the  two cones cradling the widest part of my neck.  OMG…what is this awesome thing? It instantly made not only my neck but my entire body feel better even eliminating my headache.  Alright, so I thought okay this is just a fluke so I tossed it to Krista to try out.  No, Fluke……She looked at me, her eyes wide open and then I heard…..OMG! This is the BEST thing I have tried on my neck.  That makes two of us agreeing that this funny looking thing truly makes a real difference on our necks.


How am I ever going to be able to carry this around with me everywhere I go without being laughed at…well, you can fold it small enough to carry in your purse. AWESOME!  Hey, this will be great for the movies! Then I looked at their website and discovered that there are numerous ways to position it to fit your neck aching needs.  I tried the basic firm style but after seeing all of the options I am in the mist of trying them all out to see which works best for me.

Hey, this spells perfect Christmas gift to me…..so if you have that someone who suffers with neck issues then this is the one surprise under that tree that they will thank you for all year long.  OBEDO, Neck and Back Cradle!


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