Renaissance Man review (Blaze of Glory) (Volume 3) Simply AMAZING!

Renaissance Man review (Blaze of Glory) (Volume 3)

By Emptynester Reviews

book3I am reviewing for you Renaissance man, a novel written by M. Garzon, a 3rd installment in her Blaze of Glory trilogy.

I was granted an ebook for to review for you and was not compensated to give a false or otherwise misleading review for you. I only write what I feel, giving my 100% own opinion.

Renaissance Man, is an absolutely encapsulating novel that grabbed every emotion I have, and brought them all to the surface. As I read page by page the novel, feelings of love, fear, heartache, dreams, dismay.. (ok I can’t list them all here, nor had I realized where all of those emotions I was feeling were, they were buried deep inside of me.)  M.Garzon reached deep into my soul through her words, delivering a powerful story that made me cry several times, be angry and the next page. I was feeling the indepth love and then being scared out of my britches the next chapter! I absolutely LOVE the emotional way that the author writes! I was so engrossed in reading Renaissance Man that I could NOT put the book down. The gift M.Garzon has for writing, is above all else just simply amazing, I wish I could pinpoint out the exact spell she put on me in her writing that captures me so deeply.

I found Renaissance Man to be a beloved Novel that I need everyone to read ASAP!

I can’t wait to share the story, along with the Author as my complete FAVORITE  all time read!

Renaissance Man, is a continuance of the novels previously written by M.Garzon, Blaze of Glory, and Look Twice. Renaissance Man continues the saga of a family that that has been torn in so many directions, because of life, love and dreams and shows how family can work together to survive all of the obstacles thrown at them. I love the message of family that is rooted in this novel, how empowering each is to the other, through time and baby steps that they can endure anything.

I have truly been taught an abundance about Horses in general, and also about the competitions that are focused on throughout the stories. Horse jumping, Polo, and Horse maintenance are all included in these novels, I love when I can take away insight and knowledge from a novel that isn’t a text book! It was told from the heart of the characters through their love and admiration of the animals that was so easy to grasp and be pulled into the story with them.

A Special Thank you Shout out to M. Garzon:You are simply AMAZING as a writer! Thanks again for making me cry like a baby and feel the love of a young couple so feverishly! For the fear, the laughter and the Family Unit safety!

I reviewed each of the previous Novels by M. Garzon by clicking the pictures you can read those reviews also :)



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My 1st Story Jack and the Magic Beans review



My 1st Story Jack and the Magic Beans review

My review By Emptynester Reviews:
Jack and the Magic Beans • $ 12.99
What an adorable keepsake and fun for an edition to a child’s library! This hardcover book by My 1st story, is a wonderful story that is completely kid friendly, and touches on a few manners that we all work on with our children. Sharing and caring are never manners we would like our children to forget, along with recognition of saying “sorry” and realizing a mistake. This Book Jack and the Magic Beans is beautifully written for easy read, and only a sentence or 2 per page. The illustrations are beautiful and simple with no scary items to make the child feel uncomfortable. A wonderful spin off the original story of Jack and the Beanstalk, that I have to admit has a fear factor for the giant in the sky, this adaptation has a cute monster and in fact has that cute monster that comes with the story as a snuggly friend for your child to add to their furry friend collection. In fact in the story when the monster cries it is rain for the world below, what a unique addition.The My 1st Story book sets are for ages 0-5, with many more selections to choose from.

Jack and the Magic Beans is a hardcover 12 by 10 book that includes the stuffed cute monster that is a full 12″ tall that is washable and ready to be friends with your child. My 1st Story Books all come in the collections with different stories including a stuffed friend and are beautifully adaptations of our old stories we loved with a new spin on manner teaching and removing all the scary items. I think these are the best series of books I have seen in a long time! These are just plain adorable and kid friendly stories that I recommend wholeheartedly!

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LOOK TWICE: The next book edition from M.Garzon, Amazing author of Blaze of Glory, comes to you Dec 1st! Emptynesters review

LOOK TWICE: The next edition from M.Garzon, Amazing author of Blaze of Glory, comes to you Dec 1st

Emptynester’s review

LOOK TWICE should be available on Amazon by December 1,2012


M. Garzon has done it to me again!

She Grabbed my attention and kept it so tight with her writing, that  I was unable to put the book down!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to read the newest book written by M.Garzon, titled ‘LOOK TWICE’, it is in fact a continuation of the amazing novel she brought to us last year, Blaze of Glory.(to read my review of Blaze of Glory CLICK HERE) I was blown away with her previous novel and was eagerly awaiting her new novel promised to be a continuation, which if you read the first book, you would completely have to agree, you craved more.

I was unable literally, to stop reading LOOK TWICE, I read it front to back in a 24 hour period going without sleep, I was just so captured and yearning to learn how the story was going to unfold, I could NOT stop reading. M. Garzon has such a way with her words that brings the feelings of the book to life inside you, this story is so full of internal feelings that transport into your own body so you find yourself aching,hurting,loving and laughing along with the characters.

LOOK TWICE, carries on the story that was started in the BLAZE OF GLORY NOVEL, but in a different angle that is sure to touch anyone’s heart and make them want more.Tea, Jaden,Seth, Dec and the rest of the characters are back in LOOK TWICE, and they are growing,changing and have more to endure, M.Garzon takes us through the story with her amazing words and still left me aching for MORE!

I recommend LOOK TWICE as a follow up read to BLAZE OF GLORY, for anyone that is a lover of reading from preteen to adult!! I guarantee you will fall in love with these stories and move them into your novel recommendation list,right at the TOP!