Brushlab Zebra Cushion Paddle Hair Brush review OH YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT!

Brushlab Zebra Cushion Paddle Hair Brush

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About Product :Brushlab Zebra Cushion Paddle Hair Brush 43044

This Brushlab Zebra-striped paddle brush comes in Pink as well as black, is ideal for detangling, smoothing and grooming all hair types & textures. Heat-resistant nylon bristles withstand high temperatures & help message the scalp.

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My Review:

I am totally 100% in love with this Hair Brush from Brushlove! It is perfect for my Long naturally curly hair, that can look frizzy without a little attention and LOVE given to it! The Brushlab Zebra Cushion Paddle Hair Brush is just what the Hair Doctor called for in my home! My hair gets matted at night when I get night sweats, it gets frizzy with every different weather change and I am always fighting for control. This paddle brush has a wonderful deep brush well that is spongy and lets the bristles easily glide through my hair without catching it and getting it ripped out by the roots. That’s what my previously used Generic cheapo hair brush has done. I find this brush glides through my hair easily, leaving me a nice sheen to my hair locks every morning, what a treat! I also love the grip it has on it, not super small, so my carpal tunnel doesn’t give me fits, I can spend more then a couple minutes running it through my hair before my hand freezes up. A+ FEATURES!!

I have tried several finishing sprays,gels conditioners through the years trying endlessly for an answer for shine. This Brushlove paddle hair brush has proven to me its not about the products it is about the tools! I personally hate the feeling of build up of products on my hair, leave in conditioner, a styling product then a finishing product tends to leave my hair feeling weighted down immensely. I do have hair that reaches about 3 inches above my hiney, this makes for special attention details to it. I am recommending this brush for all my long hair friends!







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