Boot Dazzles Make your Plain Ole Boots look like A Fashion Statements!


Make your plain ole Boots look like Fashion Statements!

Emptynester Reviews is reviewing a set of Boot Dazzles for you, and the ones I am reviewing are named Linda.


Linda lets a lavish display of long brown variegated emu feathers flow from a beautiful brown and gold trim. Smaller brown feathers with a hint of gold can be found forming the tassels on black leather strips with silver beads on the fastener. $46.00 RV

I know my pictures are kinda blurry, such is my life with an old cell phone with a camera, anyway…

 My Uggs have some new BLING! Everywhere around here, where  I live, in the winter time you see people wearing Ugg boots or Ugg look a likes, now my boots can stand out from the rest and not look BLAH! I have Boot Dazzles that I added to make them look more dressed up and cute! Feathers are all the rage these days whether they are in your hair or in your ears, well now they can adorn your favorite boots! Boot dazzles come in various colors and sizes, as well as designs and no matter what type of boot you like to wear you can dress them up and be unique!

 I attached my Boot Dazzles using the cinching bead and straps around the top of one boot and around the lower part of the other. Giving you an idea of how you can use the Boot Dazzles in various ways. I have even seen on their site where some have been attached upside down on a short booty and they were adorable looking!

The feathers are attached very well to the banding I did a little pull on them to see if they would fall out easily and they stayed PUT! YEAH! The cinch straps and beads are of very nice quality and make it so no matter what type of boot you would like to  use them on, you can adjust and tighten accordingly.

Boot Dazzles come with a simple fix if you have really smooth boots you want to use them with…it is a one sided stick on to the dazzles band with a rubberish spongy side to rest against your boot to keep them from sliding!

Some other unique ideas for boot dazzles are you can use them as a necklace, headband, or even a hat band. Use your imagination and wear something that makes you stand out from all the generics!

You will need to check out the Boot Dazzle website HERE to see all of the varieties of ways to Dazzle your Boots!

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