6 things to consider when selecting a dishwasher So, you have evaluated your life and you have come to the conclusion that you need a dishwasher, right? It’s an awesome idea, one that will save you time. But there is one slight problem, how do you go about selecting the right one for your needs? There are lots of dishwashers in the market and if you are not careful, you could end up spending money on the wrong one. To help you get the right one, this list takes you through some of the things to consider when selecting a dishwasher. 1. Energy consumption There would be no point one in saving on time only for the dishwasher to rake up your energy bills to unrealistic levels. As such, before you rush to buy one, make it sure it is energy efficient. One of the best ways to do this is to look for the EnergyStar label. It signifies that the device is energy efficient, and is eco-friendly. 2. Check for flexibility Before you buy a dishwasher, make sure that it has an adjustable rack. This ensures that it can handle utensils of all types and sizes. There would be no point in buying a dishwasher that can’t accommodate the bigger utensils that you have in your kitchen. It would be a waste of time and space. This is a feature that you should test out before you commit money to a particular dishwasher. The larger the rack, the more flexible you will have when washing utensils. 3. Check whether it has Heat Drying There would be no point in investing in a dishwasher only to spend your time drying the utensils by hand. That’s why you need to go for a dishwasher that has a heat drying feature. Such dishwashers have a mechanism for blowing hot air over the utensils to instantly dry them. This process saves you on time, since the washer handles the entire process from start to finish. 4. Go for one that has one-touch controls The buttons of dishwashers function differently depending on the quality of the machine. There are those that provide one-touch controls and others that require you to click the buttons multiple times for them to work. The advantage of one-touch control is that you avoid malfunctioning that is caused by wear and tear from frequent use. In essence, for a long-lasting dishwasher, you need to get one that has one-touch controls. 5. Go for one with Rinse Aid When using a dishwasher, you want it to clean the dishes as thoroughly as you would, when cleaning them by hand. Without thorough cleaning, germs can build up in your utensils and give you diseases. To stay safe, go for a dishwasher that has Rinse Aid. This is a feature that enables the washer to mimic the human hand, for much more detailed cleaning. 6. Go for one with removable filters Like the Rinse Aid, filters are meant to comprehensively clean the utensils and kill all germs. However, with frequent use, these filters can become a breeding ground for germs too. To avoid such a situation, go for a dishwasher with removable filters. This ensures that you can remove and clean them as regularly as possible.