Matching Sweaters with Seasons


Matching Sweaters with Seasons

Layer lovers will be excited for this one: you can wear sweaters all year round if you know a few tips and tricks to rock this look no matter what the season. Sweaters can be a valuable fashion item for staying covered during changes in indoor and outdoor weather, including air-conditioner-blasted homes after a walk through the sweltering streets. No matter what your environment is like, you can add more versatility to your wardrobe by wearing sweaters throughout every season.



Sweaters were virtually designed just for that awkward transition between winter and summer that we like to call spring. Even though the weather is warming up, you might not want to ditch your cozy cover just yet. Light cardigans are best for spring, since they add a little extra coverage for summer outfits that aren’t quite ready for full exposure. A bright, bold cardigan can add flashy femininity to a floral print spring dress, while a cropped, long-sleeved sweater can be paired with high-waisted jeans or shorts for a sexy (but not too scandalous) look.



I know what you’re thiking: “A sweater? In the summer?!” At a time where global warming is at its finest, you probably don’t even want to wear the clothes you’re legally obligated to wear on the street. So why add an extra layer? Because it can be an adorable way to bring your outfit together! Sleeveless sweaters and sweater vests allow your underarms to breathe and give your shoulders center stage. To balance out the bulk of your top, pair a sleeveless sweater with a cute pair of shorts for a sun-friendly look. Mesh cover-ups with denim cut-offs are also ideal for a beachy style, and tiered cardigans add a flowy, carefree accent to any basic undershirt.



Seasoned fashionistas know that late summer is the perfect time to stock up on fall cardigans, which are a must-have for this colorful season. Since stores put cardigans out in late summer– and reward early birds with sales–, you can have your wardrobe ready by the time the first leaf falls. Riding boots look fabulous with virtually any kind of cardigan, as well as oversized sweaters. Ponchos are another underrated fall fashion item that feel heavenly when cozied up with a pumpkin spice latte, but make sure to complement this bulky look with curve-hugging skinny jeans or tights. Top off with classy high-heeled booties for a literal boost.



There’s a fine line between bundling up with a cozy winter sweater and looking like the abominable snowman. To stay warm and still look cute, you can maximize your winter wardrobe with several different sweater styles. A chunky knitted jumper looks great with tights, your comfiest pair of Uggs and a waist belt for a flattering touch. Wear a fitted cashmere sweater over a classic button-up for an adorable prep-school look, and finish off with a skirt and tights for full fashionable coverage. If these two layers look a little bulky, try putting an attachable collar over your sweater for an all-new look.

Learning how to adapt traditionally seasonal clothing items can give your wardrobe more versatility, which helps you change up your look and keep your outfits fresh without breaking the bank. Taking risks with non-traditional clothing styles is another way to give your style a unique quality, worthy of starting the latest trends. So even though your instincts might have you reaching for the typical seasonal trends, try something new and edgy with a sweater for every season.

Holly is an Indianapolis fashionista with a love for trying out new styles. In her spare time, you can find her blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she enjoys.

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