Gemstone Bracelet with hand stamped heart charms by So Beautifully Broken review

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Genuine Gemstone Bracelet with hand stamped heart charms review




My dearest Emptynester Review fans I am so completely in love with this amazing Bracelet that was made for me by So Beautifully Broken Jewelry. I was amazed at the ease it was in ordering my bracelet, I went through the genuine gemstone chart and choose moonstones for LUCK, as I surely could use some Luck in my life. I had both my childrens names stamped into the hearts and I love even the font that was used!  These bracelets start out at a reasonable $20 and then go up with additional silver tags. The clasp is a great user friendly bonus, as with my carpal tunnel it is very hard to use the small clasps, this clasp allows me to grab the long rod and push it through easily on the first try! Seeing my children’s names stamped so elegantly on the Silver hearts keeps me feeling close to them as an Emptynester its hard sometimes when you miss your children so much! This Bracelet by far is made with the quality you can only find in high end retail stores, the artist is amazing in her work and attention to details.

I adore all of the different selections available at So Beautifully Broken Jewelry’s etsy shop!

Beautiful unique designs for every age and gender that are high end QUALITY and made with real perfection!

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Gemstone Bracelet with hand stamped heart charms by So Beautifully Broken review — 11 Comments

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  9. Beautiful bracelet and very special that your children’s names are on it. I have been doing a happy dance knowing i that i have a Gemstone Bracelet on it’s way from Terri !!! I know i will treasure it also. (:

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