Velata Fondue Warmer review

Velata Fondue Warmer review

Noir Velata Fondue Warmer Individual Collection

RV $40

This beautiful warmer is glazed in deep, glossy black, with a silicone black bowl, it also comes with a lightbulb to heat with, a dimmer switch on the power source and 4 dipping forks.

What a unique and SAFE way to enjoy a chocolate treat, or any fondue recipe in a smaller setting. I absolutely am in love with this Velata Fondue warmer, it is just the right size for the small gatherings I have in my home. Using the Belgium Chocolate with Caramel was a treat made in heaven! I bought a variety of fruits to use as the dipping resources, strawberries, banana’s and pineapple YUMM! We then got a bit out of control and dipped our chocolate brownies in the caramel chocolate and well lets just say, it doesn’t even begin to get better then THAT!!

So simple and easy to use love that it has the ceramic base and the silicone bowl as these two items together make this the safest possible fondue set I have ever seen. The fact that you can adjust the temperature with the dimmer switch on the cord is also well thought out and amazing so you are able to control the head source, for no overheating and ruining your fondue!

The Belgium Chocolate with caramel is just simply amazing to use,taste, devour!! LOL I am in so much love with it I am craving it daily, but have to refrain and stick to just when I want a special treat with my kids, grandson or roomy, I can;t wait to try out some of the other fondue recipes I have found I would love to use it on the savory end as well.

Thank you so Much to Michelle Edwards an amazing Seller of Velata Products and wonderful information source!!

To shop Velata products and research more about what they are please visit  HERE!

A++ Velata!

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Velata Fondue Warmer review — 47 Comments

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  3. I really like that the warmers are smaller and you can control the temperature. Also it seems that a silicone bowl would be much easier to clean than other types.

  4. Thank you for telling us all about this item! I rnjoyed reading about it an lrearning about this brand! Thank you!!

  5. This is so cute! I would love coming up with different chocolate flavors like maybe peppermint extract added :)

  6. I like the idea that this works like a scentsy warmer ( with the light bulb to heat). I have an electric one for cooking meats and seafood but this would be great for chocolate.

  7. Ooh that sounds so good!! I really like the fact that it doesn’t have to use a flame – so much safer.

  8. I would love to have this. My kids love chocolate covered marshmallows and they would have a ball making them with this.

  9. OMG I absolutely have to get one. I think it’s wonderful you can use a light bulb. I would never have believed that would work. Thank you so much for sharing your review

  10. I like its for smaller gathering and the idea of it being a nice thing to do with the kids being the safety of using it.

  11. thank you gave me some ideas when i get one ..every family should get one and have a fondue nite

  12. I’d love this! I could use it with chocolate or with my older nieces and nephews to do our own little take on s’mores!

  13. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY!!! I hope I get the chance to own one of your Fondu Sets!!!!
    The only thing I can think of besides the usual stuff would be Caramel & sliced Apples. Yummy!!! :)

  14. wow….sounds like a great item….endless possibilities of fun with food….just right for that special occasion…or just a nice after dinner dessert….yum! :-)

  15. I haven’t had a fondue in 25yrs.But i love the no Flame!! Back then we had to use sterno,and it was kinda scary with my little ones!! This is so Cool..Awesome Review!!

  16. Such a great idea and product. I can think of so many things to do with this!! I really hope I win this, but if not, definitely considering buying one.

  17. I would love to try this… this warmer is very pretty and I liket he silicon bowl would be very easy to clean.

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