The Tale of the Tooth Fairy Storybook Set Review



The Tale of the Tooth Fairy  Storybook Set review by Emptynester Reviews!!

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My Grandson Aiden is 5 years old, and in kindergarten this year, he has been saying he has “wiggly” teeth for a few months now as the other kids in his class are losing teeth already and he is jealous. I received this Storybook set, The Take of the Tooth Fairy, to review and it is amazing timing and I am so giggly with excitement to present it to Aiden!  I can’t wait to sit down and read him the amazing story of fantasy and fun, I remember verses from when I was a child. The Story book set came with a boy elf type fairy that is about 6″ tall and cute as a button, a special sack to keep Aiden’s baby teeth in as well as a log in the bookset to keep track of his tooth loss records.  This is so cute and darling!! I love love love it! What a perfect kids gift this is for any parent,grandparent,relative to a little child when they are going through the growth stage of losing the baby teeth!

The Story book set comes in a sleeve to keep intact the components for when you are not reading the story or want to save for safe keeping, the book is over 12″ x14″ and about 3″ thick of hard cover and great lasting material. I love how people have the imagination, such as husband and wife team Mary Kate Fleming and Brian Ledig,of MK&Co  to produce such a heartwarming keepsake and amazing edition to a child’s life! I can’t say enough how wonderful this book set it and whether you have a boy or girl to buy for it doesn’t matter as they are sold as either a boy or girl set!



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The Tale of the Tooth Fairy Storybook Set Review — 22 Comments

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  3. I really like the hard cover books. They seems to last. I have about every hardback dr.suess written from when I was a child but none of the paper backs made it lol. I also like the protective sleeve that goes over it to keep everything safe. These are heirloom books that should be enjoyed by the children, generations down the line. I just love a quality item and appreciate the companys that appreciate it too. Seems like they put thier heart in to this. Just means alot!

  4. I love this , we were talking last nite and my grand daughter was telling me her tooth was loose. My grandson is getting ready to start losing his teeth…they love the Elf on the shelf books and the Jingle the husky books and characters. They love how the stories are so unique and they have a main character that is real to them.
    Thanks for the wonderful review.

  5. I think this is such a good way to help kids and have them be happy about something that otherwise might scare them!

  6. I know my daughter, who’s 4, would really enjoy this! She tells me almost everyday her tooth is wiggly (it’s really not) and is so excited to lose her first tooth haha

  7. I have no stories yet but daughter turns 5 next yr , so maybe soon :) Would love to win this . Best of luck to all !!

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