RoK Cooking review~ All Natural way to cook!!


 ROK Your Cooking the NATURAL way!!

My review:
What a fun and exciting way to have a meal come up it was so much fun heating up the Rok and sitting down to the table and cooking my meal with my boyfriend. It is a totally unique way to cook a meal from your meat to your vegetables all sitting at the table talking. Rok cooking completely takes the task of cooking to a new level with flavor, ease and just plain bringing your meal to a more intimate setting. The benefits of cooking with the Rok far outweigh the alternatives, when you thing about the fact you are using no chemicals what so ever, not the pan or the heating source, and it is just simply FUN! Sitting down and chatting while cooking your meal right in front of you!

It doesn’t matter if you have a gas stove electric stove or flat top stove, you heat the rok put it on the tray and it stays hot for an average of 25 minutes. The 25 minute time frame is more than enough to cook any type of meat and vegetable. The flavor is quite amazing, I guess I never really realized how much of a difference  you get from a pan verses a rock, the flavor of the meat was immensely different and better, as well as the vegetables.

We have cooked shrimp, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, steak, kabobs with green peppers and onions all on our Roc now. The Sear was right on task for the meat, and I am a medium rare lover of beef. The shrimp were done within just a couple minutes, they are never to be overcooked anyway, and we timed them to 2 minutes each side rotating. The ribeye steak was 4 minutes each side for my medium rare taste and were simply mouth watering. I wish everyone could taste test the difference in rok cooking  versus using a different method whether it be stove top, broil, grill. I love grilled meats don’t get me wrong, but the Rok cooking didn’t mask the meat with the smoke and char, so I truly could just enjoy the flavor of the meat.

I can’t wait to buy my kids each 1 for Christmas this year.

The HCS-101C comes with everything you need to enjoy restaurant-quality hot rock meals at home; 1 volcanic rock (6-1/4″ x 6-1/4″ x 3/4″), 1 stainless steel underplate and 1 ceramic plate. An instruction booklet is included with each order. A set is suggested for each diner.

 CHECK them out “HERE“!!



 Rok has  received the Cooking Club of America’s official “Member Tested and Recommended” seal of approval with a 90% rating!


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