Norelco Bodygroom Pro Review

Norelco Bodygroom Pro Review

norelco body groom review

 My review by Emptynester reviews:

Gone are the days of the hairy chested man!

Today’s men prefer to be hairless in a variety of areas of their bodies, besides just their face.


Women started  grooming body parts much earlier then men, which lead to the trend in also asking their male counterparts to join in the grooming process. I find in my own home my roommate age 52 grooms his face, head, neck chest etc the only thing not groomed is his legs. My son is a groomer also, starting when he just got his first chest hairs and the line from his belly button down to his waist line, he does not like hair there at all. I am very impressed that Norelco realized the need for a male bodygroomer and created such an amazing tool for men!

The Norelco Bodygroom Pro  has made both the men in my home extremely happy, as prior to using this rechargeable razor/trimmer they both had never found an electronic razor that did not leave a rash on their skin or wasn’t painful to use. I will be buying a couple more of these bodygroomers for Holiday Gifts this year as I don’t want everyone having to share, they need their own. My roommate, is just in awe of the Norelco Bodygroom Pro, he has showed it to all of his male friends and told them repetitively how amazed he is at the lack of pain to use and zero rashes after to use. He also likes that it has 5 changeable heads for different lengths of trimming depending on which area he is cleaning up. He uses the regular end for touching up his beard and mustache areas as well as around his neck area, along with his chest. (He is blessed to not have back hair EWW!) They love that the Norelco Bodygroom has a pivoting head so they an get every area closely.

I am impressed with the closeness of the shave, and evenness of the trimmer use, also with the 2 year Warranty!

My guys have never looked better and they feel good about themselves at the same time!

I personally give Norelco 10 Stars for their Bodygroom Pro!

I know 5 is usually top notch but this tool is simply the best, my roommate, son and I all are in agreement the best product ever!!

The Norelco Bodygroom is rechargeable and lasts on optimal power for 50 minutes however, neither of my guys here, take that long to trim themselves they are always in a hurry to get some place.

Facts about the Norelco Bodygroom:

  • Double ended
  • Hypo-allergenic foil shaver with patented pearl /rounded tips
  • Waterproof for use in the shower!
  • Contoured for ease of use
  • stripped rubber grip
  • 5 length settings

Anymore statistics about the Norelco Bodygroom that you may need to know, can be found by clicking the link here and reading more on their website:

The Norelco Bodygroom is part of our Holiday Gift Guide 2012

The giveaway for the Norelco Bodygroom

will be live 11/5 pm est-11/6 12am est!

Click Gift Guide Picture above for full information :)

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  6. This thing seems too good to be true! It covers everything. :P My husband doesn’t have much body hair, but he’s in the military, so he has to keep his facial hair down to a well-kept mustache or be clean-shaven. This would save a killing on paying for haircuts too, seeing as all he ever needs is a simple trimming…

  7. I think my brother would use this all the time. I like he could use it in the shower, and has 50 min charge. He is traveling a lot & this would be perfect!

  8. i AM SO SICK OF HAIR….Its getting worse and worse the way it bothers me anymore eh! this would be great! ty for th giveaway

  9. This thing is amazing, My hubby is Army and travels alot, so this would be perfect. He goes through so many razors! And if I dont win it…. He is still getting one lol :)

  10. I think Norelco did a great job & men are going to LOVE getting this as a gift…my brother has been shaving all his body hair for years & he is in his 40′s…seems to be a very common practice now-a-days.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  11. I would give it to my boyfriend of 5 years!!! We never get each other anything for x mas we do it for the kids so this would be great to win :) thanks for the chance and good luck to all!!!

  12. I love your review and the details of how the razor has different heads for different body parts…my hubby can use this

  13. that is awesome!! my fiancee will love this product, he hates grooming b/c it irritates his skin so much and now i can tell him there is a product to remedy that

  14. well this groomer would be greatly appreciated and used by my son who is starting to shave without fear of cuts everywhere.

  15. I love the 5 length settings. I believe my hubby would love this one better than his old one for sure

  16. I never realized that this was something specifically that could be used for body hair…my son has been asking for one, and he is impossible to buy for…I guess this is what he was talking about! :) Thanks for giving us this opportunity!

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