Lugz Allerton Black/Charcoal Canvas Shoe review


 Welcome to the Lugz Allerton Black/Charcoal Canvas Shoe review

(RV $49.99)

by Emptynester Reviews.

I received a pair of Lugz Allerton Black/charcoal Canvas Shoes to review for you today, actually my roommate Randy was my test pilot on this mission. Randy liked the Black/Charcoal style as they reminded him of the retro Converse tennis shoe styles he grew up wearing and brought back fond memories of yesteryear. After receiving the Lugz Allerton Shoes he immediately put them on and exclaimed,”These are going to be great for my everyday shoes to slip on afterwork, and knock around in.” I have to admit with the black and charcoal color combination, you have to take a second look to even notice they are the style of a high top tennis shoe, many teenagers wear these type of shoes and actually the Allerton Black/Charcoal can be worn by teens as a semi formal shoe.

The Lugz company has quality in mind when making their shoes, which is evident by close inspection of their products. These are not Cheapo Depot shoes, they are stitched and made with the highest quality, believe me after buying shoes for my 18 year old son all these years, I know what will last. Kids are HARD on shoes and can wear a pair out within a month if you don’t spend the money to buy a good quality shoe. Speaking of my 18 year old son, I don’t think he was amused that Randy got the shoes and not him, he gave me that look that said, he was a¬† little perturbed. :-\

The soles are rubber and the body canvas which makes very nice for water repel, we always use back up water repellant on our shoes, boots anyway as it is just a way to make shoes last longer in the long run then ignoring the fact water can break down material over time and exposure.

Randy did need to buy some shoe inserts for some arch support as he has high arches on his feet, and their was no arch support in these shoes. Being that he wanted to wear them as I said earlier, everyday for after work around the home shoes he is over 50 and wanted more cushion.

Overall I give Lugz a great big A on their shoe designs, styles, color choices, and quality!!



ALLERTON Black/Charcoal Canvas MALTCC-069

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  3. These would be perfect for my son to wear during work in a candy warehouse. He complains about his feet hurt, yet he still wears cowboy boots :)

  4. thanks for this giveaway would like to win a pair for my husband it would be a nice 40 th anniversary
    present this year

  5. The shoes are very nice and do look comfy but I’m surprised at canvas shoes in the cold weather. I would definitely put them up for warmer weather.

  6. My son would love a pair of these. And they might just last longer than the typical month or two.

  7. I would love to give these shoes to either my son or my daughter because they both love wearing lugz. It would make a great christmas present for one of my children.

  8. your review was great. I would love to get a pair for my son to see how well he will like them. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I remember the retro converse, these does remind me of them. My son loves the high top style shoes. The color of them will match just about anything. That is what teenagers look for, I ask my 15 year old son, if he liked them he said he did. So, they passed a teenagers test. So, hope we win! Thanks for the giveaway! God Bless!

  10. These look like awesome shoes and I’d love to have a pair for my oldest son who is very hard on his shoes. How do you enter? I have been looking for awhile for a rafflecopter or something and don’t see it. Thanks so much for letting me know about these shoes and for the chance to win them.

      • Bummer. I guess I wasn’t entered because, even tho I refreshed quite a few times, or closed the window and reopened, I never got the rafflecopter. :(

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