“Sock it to Cancer” Tie Dye T-Shirt- Flash Giveaway- ends at midnight- 2 winners

The Pay It Forward Gang is at it AGAIN!


Emptynester Fans Here we gooooooooooo….

You have 4 hours from 8pm-12pm est to enter to win 2 Sock it to Cancer t-shirts!!

We all have been affected by breast cancer in one way or another and we are helping to support the need to check your TATA’s REGULARLY!!!

Enter on the Rafflecopter Below and GOOD LUCK EMPTYNESTER FANS!!

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to give our readers a chance to pay it forward as well. By entering this giveaway, we would love it if you would remind just 2 of your female friends to perform their breast self exam this month. That’s it!

If you are one of the TWO lucky winners of this “Sock it to Cancer” T-shirt, you can decide how you will pay it forward.

Cancer Awareness T-Shirt -Sock It To Cancer Tie Dye- 2 winners! ($19.99 ARV)

100% cotton pre-shrunk Cotton T-shirt. Winner picks the size- S, M, L or XL

Special thanks to all the hosts in the Pay it Forward Gang:

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Giveaway ends at midnight EST! Open to US residents only. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter!

TWO WINNERS! Good luck!

Disclosure: Mom Does Reviews is responsible for the shipment of these prizes. The other participating bloggers are not responsible for shipping the prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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66 Responses to “Sock it to Cancer” Tie Dye T-Shirt- Flash Giveaway- ends at midnight- 2 winners

  1. sharon winne says:

    The local breast cancer walk..Pray one day their will be a cure.

  2. angie kirby says:

    Love this

  3. Dottie Prater says:

    I wear pink EVERY day!! People notice and ask, so i tell them. nothing better than being a walking billboard!!

  4. Michelle Harasewicz says:

    I wear pink and show support on my profile.

  5. Meg Tucker says:

    Since my Mother is a three time Breast Cancer Survivor this hits very close to home. I try and donate when and where I can and represent through awareness.

  6. I donate to research at the checkout

  7. Shannon vollmer says:

    Would love to win

  8. Brittany S. says:

    Some of us participate in the Breast Cancer Walk in Birmingham, AL every year. We also show our support with bracelets, earrings and tshirts.

  9. Elizabeth E says:

    I always schedule my mammogram during October.

  10. Michaela says:

    I wear pink in some form or another every day in October for Breast Cancer awareness. Earrings, shirts, socks or my nails and toe nails. This year I even made a new facebook cover page for my Granny. Thanks for the chance to win this adorable and awesome t-shirt.

  11. Amanda says:


  12. Missy Doyle says:

    I promote avon products that raise money for breast cancer.

  13. CATHE says:

    I so LOVE this shirt! My little boy lent me his Sock Monkey to help me feel better when I was sick after I had cone surgery to remove dysplasia that we believed was cancer. Thank goodness there have been no more reoccurances. He and I walked for Cancer the past 2 years together. He’s looking forward to next years walk.

  14. albert walker says:

    me and my family get together to have dinner for my mom, grandma, and cousin who all past away from breast cancer and pray for all that survive.

  15. Denise Holben Collier says:

    This year I purchase a reusable bag at the grocery store

  16. Sloan B says:

    No, I don’t do anything special.

  17. Alison Alves says:

    As. A breast cancer survivor, I was diagnosed October 11th 2010 I would love to win this!

  18. Mya Murphy says:

    No but I realize my breasts are still intact lol

  19. Lisa Janson says:

    sometimes the family gets together and have a dinner together in memory of mom, rip 3/6/11

  20. SALLY Mcintyre says:

    Breast Cancer Walk and donate

  21. stacy norris says:

    I have a tshirt I wear and Idonate…

  22. Vicki Hensley says:

    Donate and walk in the local Relay for Life.

  23. Brittainy S says:

    I try to wear pink of Fridays for awareness! I also plan on doing an awareness day on a FB Mommies page I co-own.

  24. Christina n says:

    Love it!!!!!

  25. Christina n says:


  26. Mandy jones says:

    Love the shirt!

  27. Dena S. says:

    Do you do anything special for Breast Cancer Awareness month? if so, what? I buy and wear sock it to cancer tshirts. I may start giving them as gifts also!

  28. Karen A. says:

    I donate what I can afford to the cause. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and my sister-in-law died from breast cancer at 35 after a 5 year battle so this is a cause that is close to my heart.

  29. Angela Tyler says:

    I change my Facebook profile to pink, wear pink on Friday’s and raise money for the American Cancer Society to help find a cure.

  30. Monica Platz says:

    I’m a 6 year breast cancer survivor — I thank God every day that I’m alive! I try to donate to the American Cancer Society in October

  31. Heather Tarver says:

    not yet but I’d like to next year if I have the money to.

  32. Julie Myers says:

    I remember my grandmother who had breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy in the early 80′s when they did things a lot differently. Donate for a cure!

  33. tabatha belyea says:

    I love these shirts, I love to buy breast cancer awareness things as long as I know it donates soms of the proceeds to the american cancer siciaty,i also do the 5 mile walk every year when the event is in my town,wishing they will find a cure.

  34. Linda Heyde says:

    Donate when ever possible.

  35. My sister just got done with radition treatments for brest cancer so I will start raising awarenwss

  36. Fiona says:

    I remind my mom and my sisters to take the mammogram. I also buy some Pink sign stuff to support this Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
    Thank You!

  37. Sarah G says:

    We donate wear pink but we have a kiddo who battled a different cancer we donate to also :)

  38. Tenielle S says:

    I wear my pink! I found a lump 2 wks before I got married and my mom survived, only to die of another cancer!

  39. vicki carter says:

    I collect in my neighborhood for Breast Cancer research.

  40. Sheri Marshall says:

    I wear all the pink I can!

  41. JEAN MARIE B says:

    I remind my daughter that this month is special because of breast cancer awareness month. Her and I wear pink at least once a week and I remind all my Facebook girls to check themselves for lumps and to get a Mammogram.

  42. Heather W says:

    I wear a lot of pink and post about it on facebook :)

  43. I wear the pink ribbon.

  44. Cheryl Bravo says:

    I have a breast answer awareness pin that I wear. I also wear pink too! Thanks!

  45. sata says:

    find a cure!!!!

  46. beth kelsay says:

    Having cancer myself as well as a younger sister who is terminal with cancer about all i feel up to doing is the Relay for Life in my town. I try to go to St Jude and visit the kids there every 3 months too since i live about 30 mins away.

  47. beth m says:

    no I didn’t but I am happy to say my mom is a survivor

  48. Jennifer E. says:

    did the Komen walk

  49. Kaci Harrison says:

    I promote online, change my profile colors for others to see, do special contests on website I moderate on.

  50. Jaime Dubey says:

    Every October I usually put pink stripes in my 7 year old daughters hair along with my own. I didn’t do it this year because on October 4th I was having surgery to remove lumps from both breasts. I am still stitched up and really depressed so I never went and got the pink dye.

  51. rae ramos says:

    i remind my family of the mammo, and i wear pink, we have lost a sister and 2 aunts to cancer. i have another sister that is a 2 years cancer survivor, thank God.

  52. Jessie says:

    Try to wear pink and raise awareness.

  53. Derelys P. says:

    I wear pink all month long. And donate to an Avon walk team

  54. Kristine says:

    We JUST last week had a family member pass at 37 to Breast Cancer…first occurance at 29 and it came back and she was gone in months :/ Doing a Breast Cancer walk in her honor and every year forward…

  55. Dottie Chestnut Lewis says:

    I wear pink raise money,my aunt is a breast cancer survivor and a friends mom just found out she has it:(

  56. Christina S says:

    I dont currently do anything special but i try to show support when i can .

  57. alena svetelska says:

    I wear pink EVERY day!! to show support

  58. Sandy R says:

    I wear pink,have a pink ribbon flag outside.

  59. Sandra Dupal says:

    Wear pink whenever possible, do benefit awareness walks, wear my Liberty Lady Designs breast cancer awareness bracelet.

  60. Cea Bea says:

    I try to raise awareness…………..

  61. Judy M says:

    I wear pink on special days, I support people on facebook, I click on the Breast Cancer website to help get free Mammograms for women. I try and give support for all cancers. I have 3 different kinds going on in my family right now. Cancer is a really bad word, I hate it!

  62. Linnea says:

    give extra hugs to the survivors in my circle

  63. colleen m says:

    Do to my health issues there is not much I can do.i do wear pink to show my support in addition I wear my breast awareness tee shirts.

  64. Wendy g says:

    i made a pink pumpkin, we made tshirts supporting breast cancer awareness, sons football team wears pink shoeslaces n armbands, his school did a walk. thanks for giveaway

  65. king marsela says:

    Breast Cancer Walk

  66. I wear pink all month, and I get my mamagram always in Oct… and I’m good!!!:)

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