SentrySafe has gone Pink for Breast Cancer!! Giveaway ends 10/21 US ONLY

Welcome to the Week Long Giveaway for a

SentrySafe limited special-edition Pink 1200 Fire Chest

Promoted by the Pay It Forward Giveaway Crew!

Emtpynester Reviews has done a review for this 1200 Pink SentrySafe and you can read her Review by clicking here—> REVIEW

We, at the Pay It Forward Giveaway Headquarters, like to Pay it Forward to our Fans for being amazing and also to show Awareness for any and all Programs we feel our fans need to have brought to their attention.

As you know we have been very FORWARD THINKING on Breast Cancer for the Past week and hope it opened some people up to be more apt to get their TA TA’s Checked!


The Pay It Forward Giveaway Crew Participating in this Giveaway are:

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This Giveaway is open to the Continental US only

Must be 18+ years of age or older to enter

Enter on the Rafflecopter widget below to be entered to win.

SentrySafe is responsible for the Delivery of the Prize. Emptynester Reviews will choose winner and contact them.

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104 Responses to SentrySafe has gone Pink for Breast Cancer!! Giveaway ends 10/21 US ONLY

  1. Jen Rodrigues says:

    Important papers and my jewelry as well as some pictures!!

  2. Niurka Garcia says:


  3. Rosa Espinal says:

    I will keep all my important papers.

  4. Ronda Wolter says:

    Important papers, baby pictures.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I would keep important documents in it.

  6. Amy Moncrief says:

    I would keep important papers and valuables in it.Thank you for the chance and good luck everyone :)

  7. Lori Jewett says:

    Definitely irreplacable documents!

  8. jose gueits says:


  9. debra greenhill says:

    all my important papers

  10. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    I would keep all our important papers in the Pink Sentry Safe :)

  11. Michelle says:

    Valuable coins and jewelry.

  12. Jerri Davis says:

    Important Papers small things to keep out of reach. Thank You. Jerri Davis

  13. Wendy Kroy says:

    Important papers and credit cards.

  14. Tricha says:

    birth certificate, deeds, titles all important papers

  15. Crystal Irvin says:

    Picture sd cards and cds of all of our family’s pictures

  16. Marie Bauer says:

    I would keep important documents & all my memory cards from my camera. I had a fire when I was a teen, people are the only thing that matter but having a few memories would be nice.

  17. April says:

    Anything I’d like to keep secret

  18. Missy Doyle says:

    I would give it to my daughter for her momentos and pics that are most precious to her as well as any important papers in case of fire.

  19. Jenny Lynn says:

    My Dad dies a few years ago. My Mom is a Breast Cancer Survivor. But, My Husband and I have been taking care of her bills, important papers. ect. Since she had Cancer a Pink Safe would be perfect to keep all her papers in! Good Luck everyone! ~Peace~

  20. Lisa Sheldon says:

    I would keep my important papers in it.

  21. stephanie brownstein says:

    important pictures and cds with my family pictures

  22. carol roberts says:

    birth records jewelry

  23. carole says:

    my important papers

  24. Brooke Westmoreland says:

    Important papers. Flash drives

  25. Jan Lawrence says:

    I would put important papers and money in the safe.

  26. Monica Platz says:

    I would keep our passports and social security cards, etc.

  27. Geena O says:

    Important documents and other valuables….this safe is so cute…lucky winner…maybe me?! :) )

  28. Wendy Pesce says:

    this would be perfect for my daughter for college in her dorm to keep things safe

  29. car titles birth certifices divorce papers

  30. Shannon says:

    Money! :)

  31. Staci S. says:

    I’m thinking all our ancestry information for the kids. It will be separate & special…just like the contents of the safe.

  32. Anitha Kuppuswamy says:

    my important papers

  33. carol donnermeyer says:

    this is exactly what we have been looking for to keep our money safe from unwanted sticky fingers that happen to visit our house

  34. All of our important paperwork

  35. Sherie A. says:

    Important papers and documents.

  36. Lacey Burd says:

    Cds & Sd cards for a back up of all my pictures. Also, birth certificates, marriage licence & SS cards. Thanks!

  37. Ashley Delaney says:

    All my moms stuff I have left of hers she passed away 2 years ago she was 50 and had a VERY Rare disease and I am a single mother of 4 and we are renting a trailor till our loan goes through and we have been robbed 7 times and i’m in kidney failure; Shame on them and I raise my kids on 1000 a month and for the next 2 months I only get 452. God bless u all

  38. Rae Cicelske says:

    birth certificates..wills..passports, important pics

  39. ELISHA A says:

    id keep all our important papers in there plus copies of priceless photos

  40. Brynn says:

    Irreplaceable documents and photos and keepsakes

  41. Stephanie Foster says:

    I would keep jewelry and important documents in the pink safe.

  42. Daiva says:

    Passports and birth certificates

  43. Lynne Judd says:

    I would keep birth certificates, passports, baptismal certificates, marriage license, valuable coins in the safe.

  44. I will keep special papers in it

  45. my birth cert. seperation papers insurance policies marriage licence and divorce paperv

  46. Mendy Boyd says:

    Important papers, ss cards, birth certificates, etc.

  47. Shannon Mangham says:

    This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for my daughter. She is just starting her adult life and needs a safe to put all her important papers in…and she would LOVE the pink color.

  48. I wouls keep my childrens important papers in there alon my own. Also, i would place important keepsakes inside;)

  49. Valarie Lee Gentry says:

    I would keep important docs like SS cards, Birth Certificates, & Passports!

  50. Glenna F says:

    My kids’ birth certificates and social security cards.

  51. Teresa Parsley says:

    Like to have! Things I dont want to misplace!

  52. Michelle W says:

    I would keep all of my moolah from surveys and such, LOL

  53. melissa says:

    i would put all of my important goodies in there for safe keeping

  54. Cherie Novak says:

    LOVE PINK! <3

  55. Crystal Stanley says:

    back up drives

  56. shanna kimmel says:

    We would keep all of our important documents and priceless keepsake items in the safe.

  57. ashley peters says:

    the little money i have….

  58. jennifer vaughn says:

    birth certificates, ss cards, protective orders, and irreplaceable items

  59. Marg says:

    … our most important papers …

  60. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says:

    My important papers :)

  61. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    Important papers

  62. nikki says:

    my important papers

  63. Melissa O. says:

    I would put important documents in it

  64. carla brashers says:

    anything I want to save no matter what.

  65. Lisa S Dias Welch says:

    Birth certificates, s s cards, mortgage papers, etc…

  66. Johnetta Dawson says:

    Birth Certificates, Tax records, and pictures

  67. Karen Glatt says:

    I would keep my Social Security card, house documents, birth certificate, important receipts and some very important pictures!

  68. Joey Carnes says:

    That one is perfect for jewelry!

  69. kim says:

    Well I would keep all my important papers and a few other things that I do not need anyone getting there hands on in there.

  70. Cathy Bradford says:

    Memories (my camera cards)! Cannot replace them!

  71. charlene k says:

    birth certificates, social security info, house papers, etc:).

  72. Things like my birth certificate, my flash drive, and who knows what else.

  73. stacy richards says:

    important papers and documents

  74. Evelyne Walls says:

    Passport, immunization records etc

  75. christine jessamine says:

    i would love to keep my daughters important paperwork in this

  76. Jaclyn Goodman says:

    Important Documents

  77. Denise Vandenbusch Bohman says:

    My important papers and anything small that is of value that I would like to be kept safe.

  78. Heather Kenville says:

    Important papers and items of value

  79. Daniela Walsh says:

    I would use it as part of my emergency kit to hold important documents, cash, keys, etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. Danelle springer says:

    I would keep jewlery

  81. linda brown says:

    Extra cash and small momentos

  82. Mitchell Rowan, Sr. says:

    $$$ & .357 Magnum…M… (EVIL ZJ)

  83. Amie Olson says:

    I would start by placing our marriage license and our children’s birth certificates in the safe. Thank You!
    Amie Olson

  84. letessha says:

    Important documents and cash.

  85. Patricia Wagner says:

    Important papers and the cross that was on top of my grandfather’s casket.

  86. Angela Biek says:

    Awesome! Love supporting Breast Cancer awareness & research!

  87. teresa koedyker says:

    important papers

  88. Kimberly Snyder says:

    I live in a hurricane prone area. This would be awesome for valuables and documents!!!

  89. Tina wolfe says:

    i wld keep important papers like ins policies and birth cert. in the safe

  90. Karen says:

    In this Fab Safe, I will place my valuables to include:
    – Birth Cert, Passport, Life Ins, …

  91. Wendy Hark says:

    important papers

  92. Terrie Slocum says:

    My stuff that I don’t want my 14 year old daughter to take.

  93. M Chamney says:

    important documents

  94. Annie Thissell-Riley says:

    All the papers I’m paying my bank to hold on to

  95. kel white says:

    I would put all my important paperwork in that baby

  96. Sherry B says:

    important papers

  97. Kim N says:


  98. Juanita Cincotta says:

    I would use it to keep all my important paperwork safe. and all my special pictures of my son. :)

  99. Adam McEndree says:

    i would keep personal information & documents in em

  100. Linda B says:

    Well we already lost almost everything in a house fire. I would keep the important docs & pics that I was able to get copies of, :)

  101. Lyndie Barker says:

    All these fires, and homes being lost has me concerned about the safety of my important documents!

  102. Heather Wone says:

    all of my important documents!

  103. Sandra Mattox says:

    Important documents

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