SentrySafe limited special-edition Pink 1200 Fire Chest Review


SentrySafe limited special-edition Pink 1200 Fire Chest Review


- A Portion of Proceeds to Benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® -

What would you save in the event a disaster hit your home? It’s a game we’ve all played and the answer is different for everyone. But what if I told you that everything that was important to you, from family photos to your insurance policy, could be kept safe in one place?

SentrySafe believes that everyone’s story should be safe and designs safes to fit the needs of everyone from college student to retirees. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, SentrySafe is thinking pink with the release of their limited special-edition Pink 1200 Fire Chest. To help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer, SentrySafe will donate a portion from the sale of each pink safe to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

My review by Emptynester Reviews

I received to review for you, the SentrySafe limited special-edition Pink 1200 fire Chest, that is honoring Breast Cancer Awareness and also Sentrysafe donates money for the Cure for everyone of these safes they sell! I am so honored to be able to own one of these and also to send out SentrySafe’s message!

This Pink 1200 Sentry Safe is a fireproof safe that measures,6.1˝ x 14.3˝ x 11.2 on the outside. 3.5˝ x 12.0˝ x 7.5 on the inside and is 14lbs in total weight. This safe is perfect for storing my jewelry and old coins I have collected over the years along with a few documents I would like kept for my eyes only. I love the fact that theses items can be protected from a fire. That is always one of my fears for many items I have especially pictures of my family. My mother always told me the first thing she would grab in the case of a fire would be her photo albums, and I truly believe those items are precious to all of us. I need to find someone that has the time to scan all my years of pictures and put on thumb drives for me to store. I have totes full, I have never quite gotten into books. :-\ This safe is rated Standard fire protection – UL Classified for Fire Endurance (1/2 hour at 1550˚F/843˚C), to protect documents,records and valuables stored inside from fire damage, ETL verified for 1/2 hour fire protection of CDs, DVDs,Memory Sticks and USB Drives up to 1550˚F/843˚C to protect precious media in the event of a fire. This makes me breathe alot easier knowing my items can be protected from fire!!

The sentrySafe comes with 2 keys which are a bonus so that I can have one on my key chain and another in a safe spot in case I lose my set of keys. ( Ok perhaps I should leave a hint somewhere where my secret spot is just in case I forget it, I am getting older ya know!) :-)

I am totally in love with my SentrySafe! The 14 lbs is just right for moving around when I need to and the easy carry handle makes it even more simple of a task. I love that I feel protected, that it is Pink to remind me to have my regular Mammograms.

SentrySafe is on the following Social Networks and I would advise you to hook  up with them to keep up with sales and Giveaways!


An Informative Video on SentrySafes to view for you below :)

SentrySafe’s are available to purchase online or at many Stores across our great nation.

Visit SentrySafes website HERE to find out more!

I do have a giveaway for a safe just like the 1200 Pink Special Edition starting

10/14 8pm est through 10/21 1159pm est






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