3 Day Flash Giveaway! Enter to Win any $50 eCard of your choice!! open WW

Emptynester Reviews is promoting another great giveaway!!

Always willing to help out a friend

and to give my fans a chance at winning the amazing prize!!

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Robin’s Sweet Confessions and Donna’s Deals and More have teamed up with some other fabulous bloggers to bring you a $50 Gift Card Giveaway!! Win any $50 eCard of your choice!! What do you want? Walmart, Amazon, Victoria Secret, Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, Paypal, the choice is yours!

This giveaway is open worldwide!! (Paypal equivalent will be given if outside the US)

This giveaway was made possible by Robin’s Sweet Confessions, bringing you the best in style, decor, health, deals & steals, food & drinks and more.We do the work for you!

Enter on the Rafflecopter below and Good Luck EMptynester Fans!!!


Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.  EMPTYNESTER REVIEWS is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: ~Emptynester Reviews may have been paid for this post via with a free product/monetarily/ or not at all. ~This post may contain affliliate links and may lead you off page. ~If Emptynester Reviews is not listed as a "HOST" for a GIVEAWAY, then I am not responsible for the winning choice, or the prize distribution. ~~ABOVE ALL~~ I only share posts on my page that I feel will benefit my readers. My readers come first, as without them, I wouldn't be here. :) ~~I Heart MY FANS!~~ Julie
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113 Responses to 3 Day Flash Giveaway! Enter to Win any $50 eCard of your choice!! open WW

  1. Ann Drury says:


  2. Brandi Price says:

    Paypal! :)

  3. Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating says:

    Paypal – I could really use it, my pantry needs stocking! livinglearningeating AT gmail DOT com

  4. Holly Mitkowski says:


  5. Michaela says:

    I’d pick Walmart. I love to shop there for everything!

  6. I would pick the Wal-mart card.

  7. I would pick the Wal-mart card!

  8. vince chrissy rogers says:

    I would like either target or paypal.

  9. Dawn says:

    I believe it would be amazon or maybe Target….decisions decisions

  10. Connie Bolick Lee says:

    A Walmart card

  11. Jenna C says:

    Paypal please!

  12. Stephanie Guenther says:


  13. Mya Murphy says:


  14. Charlotte Raynor says:

    Paypal-that way I can use it for about anything. :-)

  15. Sandy R says:

    I would like either target or kohl’s

  16. Karen says:

    I would choose Paypal.

  17. Andrea Williams says:

    I would choose Paypal. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I’d pick Walmart.

  19. michelle warner says:


  20. Wendy Kroy says:

    Amazon or PayPal. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Denise Donaldson says:

    I would pick paypal

  22. Jerri Davis says:

    PayPal or Walmart. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  23. mary nichols says:

    i would love the walmart card!!! really need it for my family

  24. Cyndee Thomas says:

    Amazon or Wal-Mart! Love to shop at both:)

  25. Crystal Irvin says:

    Walmart, or victoria secrets

  26. Shirley Turner says:

    I would really like PayPal but if it is an eCard only prize I will take Walmart. More for your money.

  27. Shirley Turner says:

    I clicked enter by mistake on Robins You Tube. I did not mean to enter, just an accident.

  28. Andrea Perra Hadfield says:

    I would pick Wal-Mart

  29. Dawn Justice says:

    I’d pick paypal :) or amazon, either would be great to win!!

  30. Chelsea W says:

    id choose amazon!

  31. Brad M. says:

    i would choose walmart card.

  32. Ruby Y says:

    Amazon or Target

  33. Michelle Freeland says:

    Paypal all the way!

  34. tami husak says:


  35. Rebecca Hammock says:

    Target. Stuff for the kids.

  36. Jan Waldroup Squyres says:

    Amazon or Paypal, either would be great to win!

  37. Richard Hicks says:

    amazon would be nice

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  38. amanda mock says:


  39. Shelby Sachs says:

    I would love the VIctoria’s Secret card so I could get a new bra. Since getting fitted with the correct size, I only have 2… and well, every women knows 2 bras is not enough!

  40. I’d pick Amazon :D thanks for the chance!

  41. I would have to choose either a gas gift card or one from amazon.

  42. Cindy B says:


  43. brandy boone says:

    I would choose paypal

  44. Theresa says:

    Amazon for me too please. :)

  45. alena svetelska says:


  46. Beth Hiatt-Malston says:

    Walmart or Paypal

  47. Shannon Mangham says:

    I’d pick WalMart

  48. Anna C. says:

    Paypal because I’m trying to accumulate Christmas money!

  49. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like Paypal

  50. Sabrina M says:

    walmart !! Live right behind there and luv it !!

  51. Emma Dean says:

    Walmart please!

  52. Candice says:

    I would probably pick Paypal.

  53. Marilee Kutz says:

    I’d pick the Walmart card!! Thank you!!

  54. shelley hansen says:


  55. Val Joy says:


  56. christal mccall says:

    target or amazon

  57. athena d. says:

    paypal, so i can do christmas shopping:)

  58. lisa mazola says:


  59. Mary Lou says:


  60. sharon winne says:

    A Walmart card!!

  61. Mary Lou says:

    What FUN!

  62. Mary Lou says:

    What FUN! Forgot to tell you the Amazon Card!!!!

  63. I would pick WalMart.

  64. Heidi S says:

    Walmart or paypal please!

  65. Ronda Wolter says:

    With two kids in college I’d go with a Wal-Mart card! But of course I’d be happy with any of them. Thanks!

  66. Sherry Fowler says:

    it would be a tie between the walmart card and the paypal card

  67. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    I would pick PayPal so I don’t have to make any decisions :)

  68. Crystal Guidroz says:

    I would choose the PayPal Gift Card, thanks!

  69. Anna says:

    paypal, or walmart

  70. Crystal Young says:

    I would pick walmart.I love shopping at this store.

  71. tls simms says:


  72. Jennifer Nisbet says:

    I would choose Walmart. Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. Emily B says:

    Ooohhh that’s a toughie. I would probably say walmart, because we do a lot of our grocery shopping there. But, Amazon or Paypal would be nice for Christmas shopping…..I’m not going to try to decide unless I win! Hehe Thanks for the chance!

  74. susan wiener says:

    luv amazon. thx.

  75. ashley peters says:

    walmart or victoria’s secret!

  76. Tammi Bivans says:

    I would pick the PayPal card!

  77. Carol Smith says:


  78. kerri wright says:

    I would pick Amazon or Walmart.

  79. Wendy Pesce says:


  80. miriam yano says:

    i would like paypal.

  81. Emiela B. says:


  82. Judith Sharp says:

    I pick Paypal!

  83. deb kovac says:

    Walmart, Amazon, Target, PayPal they all would work for me. Free money is great in many forms.

  84. Anmol agarwal says:

    i would pick paypal

  85. ashley seeley says:

    i would pick either amazon or walmart

  86. casey woods says:

    walmart so it could pay off some of my lawaway lol

  87. bethany says:


  88. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    I would pick Paypal

  89. Kristal Orr says:


  90. Lisa Bohne says:

    I would pick Target.

  91. Rachel Grills-Botelho says:


  92. Jenee Day says:

    Victoria’s Secret!

  93. bill elliott says:

    Amazon card would be great

  94. susan w says:

    Normally would choose Paypal or Amazon, but when gas money gets low, you have more choices w Walmart…TY

  95. Shannon says:

    Amazon!!! thank u!!

  96. Cindi Decker says:


  97. Rebecca Reinwalt says:

    I think I would go with the pay pal. Any extra money I can use any where throughout the month sure comes in handy.

  98. Ty for this wonderful giveaway!!!!!!
    I love Amazon!!!

  99. Shawna Nikol Georges says:

    Amazon or PayPal

  100. Bonny says:

    Amazon. But maybe I’d go crazy and get Victoria’s secret

  101. Geena N says:

    its Amazon for me….really need to buy some stuff for our new home…tnx for the giveaway….! :)

  102. diana jones says:

    I’d choose PayPal!

  103. Karina Lee says:


  104. Lisa Kerr says:

    I would like to win the Amazon Gift Card! Thamk you for the giveaway:)

  105. Johnetta Dawson says:

    Walmart or Paypal. Either one would be great.

  106. Christina Stimson says:

    I would want the paypal card! :)

  107. Lisa Janson says:

    Amazon or paypal

  108. Jen V. says:

    I would pick Amazon!

  109. Brianna Bray says:

    I would say paypal but I don’t have an account. So I would say Walmart, I could get either Christmas for my babies, or buy things I really need. Thank you for the giveaway.

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