10/17 $25 Amazon/Paypal GC 4 hr Giveaway

Welcome to Pay It Forward’s Wednesday night Flash Giveaway!

Tonight you have only 4 hours to enter to win a

$25 Gift Card to Amazon or Paypal (Winners choice)


Have you had your TA TA’s Checked LATELY?

Tonight’s Pay It Forward Giveaway Crew is as follows:

Emptynester Reviews, Couponing4You, Mom Does Reviews, Powered By Mom, Mommy and Baby Reviews,   Cajon Couponer, Zoe’s Printable Coupons, Coupon Hauls, Kimberly’s Thoughts, Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom

Enter on the Rafflecopter below and good luck Emptynester Fans!!

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81 Responses to 10/17 $25 Amazon/Paypal GC 4 hr Giveaway

  1. Heather Howard says:

    books mostly :-)

  2. Debbie Moon says:

    Deals and books

  3. stacy richards says:

    everything!!! lol…

  4. Michelle Robbins Hallock says:

    buying lids stuff

  5. Kathryn W says:

    i love buying books they’re so cheap

  6. Ron says:

    I like to buy music and dvds at Amazon, as well as some electronics.

  7. Heather R says:

    I like to buy kids’ toys and electronics

  8. Jessie C. says:

    Everything, especially organic groceries.

  9. michelle warner says:

    i would buy coins formy husband

  10. Elisha Anderson says:

    Toys and phone accessories

  11. connie smith says:

    i buy everything on amazon

  12. Karen says:

    Books, dog food, dog treats, toilet paper, paper towels. I love to shop amazon.

  13. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I love to buy books for the kids on Amazon

  14. courtney hennagir says:

    kids games and crafts and books

  15. denise smith says:

    electronic things from amazon

  16. Aria H. says:

    I like to buy cds and electronics from amazon.

  17. Scott M says:

    I like to buy books on Amazon.

  18. Evelyn Gregory says:

    I can find great deals for my kids presents! I have 7 kids and two grandbabies

  19. Andrea Perra Hadfield says:

    Books and Wii games

  20. Patricia Williams says:

    I like to buy books and dvds for my boys.

  21. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I buy almost anything and everything from Amazon. It’s my first go-to to check prices.

  22. Michelle Lovell says:

    I love to buy ebooks. This seriously is my vice.

  23. Jodi Bradshaw says:


  24. briana mariano says:

    I would buy my gifts my kids been asking for christmas

  25. I am a firm believer in checks.

  26. i buy videos and books.

  27. debby crumbley says:

    buy almost everything

  28. LeAnne J. says:

    probably early christmas presents!!

  29. Debbie Ellis says:

    I like to buy books and things for my Grandkids.

  30. carole says:

    books or baking items

  31. amber howland says:

    stuff for the kids

  32. sarah sinkus says:

    toys and books

  33. Beth Dunlavy Hoppe says:

    some collectables and some groceries

  34. kim lazor says:

    two laptops to give to my two daughters for Christmas

  35. Jon R says:

    I like to buy books!

  36. Christy says:

    I like to buy baby gifts.

  37. lisa lo says:

    Just got a couple bedside tables from Amazon. Always look for goodies there.

  38. Presents! Dvds, books, household stuff!

  39. Tiffany Greene says:

    Everything honestly especially if there is a deal on the item :)

  40. Becky Haines says:

    I like to buy different things, like eldeberry sryup, ya can’t buy it in the stores..

  41. Patricia Gordon says:

    Books, toys for the little ones (birthdays/Christmas)

  42. Nan Bixby says:

    I buy books, movies, small appliances, etc etc

  43. toys, and household products

  44. Kim Cowgar says:

    Books, movies, video games, sometimes mag subscriptions.

  45. cindy norman says:

    remote control helicopter for my dad for christmas

  46. Michelle Freeland says:

    Anything for my daughter!

  47. dee washington says:

    lots of goodies!!!

  48. stephanie brownstein says:


  49. Eric Seberg says:

    Would love to win an Amazon card, wanna get some Bear Gryllis

  50. Lora Mccracken says:

    I buy all kinds of things from Amazon but my favorite is using the Subscribe & Save program to buy groceries.

  51. I love to get cheap cases for cell phones on amazon:-)

  52. I buy cases for cell phones on Amazon

  53. Kimberly Davis says:

    I love buying snacks from Amazon.

  54. Emily Tardy says:


  55. Carrie says:

    I’d pick up at least one Christmas gift

  56. Amy Burke says:

    my text books for next semester!

  57. ive never shopped at amazon before

  58. Connie Bolick Lee says:

    A variety of things

  59. Nicole B says:

    I buy lots from Amazon! Christmas gifts and diapers mostly :)

  60. joanne major says:

    i like to buy dvds.

  61. stacey dempsey says:

    I get lots of things there but mostly books or video games

  62. Little house on the prairie DVD set

  63. Joni Caraway says:

    I like to buy sporting goods for my husband and things for my kitchen.

  64. Charlotte Raynor says:

    I use Amazon.com a lot. I like to buy all sorts of electronics there because they seem to have good prices. I also have found my puppy’s favorite bones on Amazon.com and they are less than at my pet store. Most anything I want to buy online, I check out Amazon.com first to see if they carry it and what their prices are. Love Amazon.com!

  65. Dawn says:

    I am saving all my codes for christmas shopping !

  66. Dottie Prater says:

    I buy a little of everything from Amazon, but love the deals I get on books and diapers for my grandchildren!

  67. shelly johnson says:

    i wold buy books :)

  68. Amber S. says:

    Everything! XD

  69. Lisa M says:

    Kitchen small electric appliances

  70. Mya Murphy says:

    adult toys usually lol talk about honesty!

  71. Candy McCormick says:

    A new griddle!!

  72. Tabatha Carlson says:

    Books and stuff for the kids

  73. Rae Higgins says:

    Books are my fave purchase.

  74. Jessica Bradley says:

    Seems like I have mostly been buying diapers lately, but thankfully that is coming to an end!! YAY!!

  75. Amy Orvin says:


  76. Jennifer Speed says:

    my school books

  77. Jen V. says:

    I would like to buy a video game for my man!

  78. Sonya says:

    video games

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