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Emptynester Reviews is sharing this Giveaway as I myself have done this review prior to my friend and loved their products! I am elated to be sharing a giveaway for you my fans to enter to win! xoxox Julie

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Newman’s Own Organics

Just in time for back to school yummy organic snacks!

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About Newman’s Own Organics


When Nell Newman and business partner Peter Meehan started Newman’s Own® Organics: The Second Generation® in 1993, they were sure there was a market for organic snack foods, but they couldn’t have anticipated just how fast the demand for their products would grow. What started with pretzels and grew to include other snack foods has now expanded to many other organic items: coffee, tea, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, organic dried fruit, and pet food.

Great tasting products that happen to be organic is our slogan,” says Nell. “It really says a lot about us. We’ve seen in recent years that people want to know more about the food they eat, not just how many calories a product contains. It’s becoming more important to them how ingredients are grown and processed on the way to their grocers’ shelf. Once people see how much organic foods have improved since the early days of packaged `health’ foods, we feel they’ll seek them out.”

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I was so happy when I opened my box of Newman’s Own organic snacks. There were so many goodies in there I was in heaven! I admit it I love snacks and as much I try to eat healthy sometimes I just have to have some of my sweet or salty snacks because I love them both. There are healthy snacks of course and then there are the chocolates and pretzels but at Newmans Own at least these are healthier snacks compared to their counterparts with other brands. As Newmans Own uses organic ingredients which makes a big difference as you’re not just eating a bunch of preservatives when you’re having your favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from Newmans.

My husband Paul and my daughter Sian were ready and waiting to try some of these yummy looking snacks we had pretzels, cookies, licorice, chocolate, mints, dried fruit and so much more! To my surprise and delight my daughter discovered she liked the Fig Newmans especially the strawberry ones!

I say to my delight as my daughter if I was to allow her to be one she would be like her dad a junk food well junkie lol. She doesn’t like Fig Newtons yet she loved the Newman’s one which have better quality ingredients yay! Not so surprising she also loved their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and well all the cookies of course and the chocolate. She wanted to know where we bought the “chocolate oreos” which I thought was so funny and Newman’s chocolate cookies (they have ones that look like oreos too) taste better to me and at least I know that even though there’s sugar in them like other cookies with Newmans it’s a better quality of ingredients and is organic of course.

Amazingly I loved all the snacks but of course my favorite were the dark chocolate cups the peppermint and caramel ones. Oh who I’m kidding I loved the peanut butter ones too and my daughter who prefers milk chocolate her favorite was the peanut butter cups. Not that my daughter noticed but I did the quality of the chocolate was so much better, smoother and tasted better what a difference. Paul also loved the dark chocolate cups we had to fight I mean share them :) and his other absolute favorite were the licorices and the pretzels.

I could go on and on about all the snacks we received but that would take up pages and pages let me just mention one more the mango licorice yum! All the flavors were tasty but that was my favorite, who knew licorice could taste good as a mango flavor I do now!

Newmans Own Organic Foods get a 5 out of 5 stars from Michelle, Paul & Sian for flavor, quality ingredients and reasonable price point. I’m comfortable providing one of these treats in Sian’s lunch as well as I would choose them over any of the treats out there whose quality of ingredients are well to put it bluntly full of not so good stuff. We love these snacks so much that at least one or two of these items always make it on our grocery list.

Now for the fun Newmans Own Organics is generously providing a prize pack to ONE winner. The winner will receive four of our favorite items AND Newmans Own Organics is going to add some more surprise items! You won’t be disappointed you’ll love something if not all of the items you receive!

It was hard to choose but here are the FOUR favorites we have chosen and don’t forget Newmans Own Organics will send even more surprise goodies with this package :)

  • Newman – Os chocolate creme filled cookies
  • Salted Pretzel Rounds
  • Family Recipe Cookies Double Chocolate
  • Sour Mango Licorice Twists

You can’t win if you don’t enter so go and enter now on the easy rafflecopter below!


Entries will be verified so only claim the ones you have followed through on please. Do not like/follow and immediately unlike an entry follow as it will be disqualified during the verification process. Thank you!



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Newman’s Own Organics Giveaway — 76 Comments

  1. I would love to try the Newman’s Own Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar! I love salads and enjoy this type of dressing.

  2. i would love to try the coffee we drink alot of coffee in my house. thanks for the giveaways and reviews that you do.

  3. The Pretzels & Popcorn sound Yummy..But the Licorice sounds great too!! Thank’s For this Amazing Chance :) :) :)

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  10. I would like to try Newman’s Own Organics Balsamic Vinegar & Extra Virgin Olive Oil :)

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  13. I would love to try the sour licorice – especially the sour mango. It is hard to find good tasting organic treats when you want something sweet!

  14. I would like to try them all! Especially the Family recipe cookies, The chocolate bars, the pretzels, and the Fig Newmans!

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