24 Oct '13

#Win Pre-Lit Christmas Tree & 40 Ornaments- 40K Giveaway for MDR! ends 11/1 US only


Sponsored by Brylane Home and hosted by Mom Does Reviews and her fabulous blogger friends!

This fun giveaway is to celebrate Mom Does Reviews 40,000 Facebook fans!  We love any reason to have a giveaway, I think this is a great one.

Mom Does Reviews would like to thank all of her blogger friends and many readers that have made this possible.  You all are the best! xo

About the Pre-Lit 5′ Fiber Optic Holiday Christmas Tree:

This festive pre-lit Christmas tree displays a dramatic range of color with green tips, 20 fiber optic faux-candles and 158 energy-saving LED fiber-optic tips.

  • a BrylaneHome® Exclusive!
  • easy assembly, simply place tree on stand, fluff branches, plug in and enjoy!
  • UL Listed
  • dimensions: 59″H x 27½” Diam.
  • BrylaneHome also offers pre-lit wreaths that come in beautiful, lush looks.


One lucky winner will win this amazing tree AND 40 mystery Ornaments!!  They could be snowflakes, they could be penguins or owls or they could be pickles!!  You won’t know until they arrive!

We have made it super easy to enter!  Just fill out the rafflecopter below.

The Giveaway ends 11/1 at 1159p

The Giveaway is open to US only, 18+

Be sure to complete the mandatory entry!  If you don’t comment, you can’t win.  We will be checking.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The participating bloggers were not compensated for this post. We are not associated with any of the companies named above. No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received Open to the Continental US 18+ only. Confirmed Winner(s) (by Random.org) will be contacted by email. Winner(s) have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. The sponsor(s) will be responsible for product shipment to winner(s) of this giveaway. My blog is not responsible for product shipment/delivery. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements.


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There are 87 Comments.

  1. Rose Fern
    8:34 pm 10/24/2013

    My favorite Christmas tree ornament is by far any that involves a creche. But my absolute favorite is one made in Bethlehem from an olive tree. This is where it all started. To me it doesn’t get any better than this one ornament.

  2. Kat W.
    8:41 pm 10/24/2013

    Every year my family chooses a special ornament for our tree. My personal favorite is our wedding ornament. It has our names and our wedding date on it.

  3. Sheralle D.
    9:16 pm 10/24/2013

    My favorite ornament is one that I made when I was a kid at home with my mom and little brother, we made the dough, baked them and decorated them. I love it because it just brings back great memories that I want to recreate for my son now.

  4. Dawn Sterner
    9:32 pm 10/24/2013

    All the ornaments my kids have made over the years are my favorites!

  5. Sam Stamp
    9:35 pm 10/24/2013

    Every year my family gets a new ornament. In 2011 I was living with my aunt and her family, I couldn’t afford an ornament that year so I made one out a joker from a deck of cards and a hair tie & wrote 2011 on it. It’s my favorite ornament because it reminds of the time I spent with my aunt and how creative I can be.

  6. Kimberly Jones
    8:43 am 10/25/2013

    We have an ornament of our St Bernard we lost a few years ago. It always brings back special memories.

  7. Heather L.
    8:43 am 10/25/2013

    My fave is an ornament I made with sequins and pins over fabric on a styrofoam ball that I made with my mom when I was about 4 years old.

  8. mary
    8:57 am 10/25/2013

    my family chooses a special ornament for our tree

  9. Jess Lundgren
    8:58 am 10/25/2013

    My Disney Cinderella ornament because O brought it back from WDW.

  10. Tracy Heyer
    9:01 am 10/25/2013

    My favorite Christmas ornament is one my grandmother gave me when I was little!! It was a little angel! Because she said I will always be her little angel!!! So I cherish it to this day!!

  11. Carolyn Gates
    1:59 pm 10/25/2013

    I have ornaments that I made at church 30 years ago that my mom saved, they go on the tree every year.

  12. Marsha Sickler
    6:44 pm 10/25/2013

    I <3 the ones my children made. I couldn't choose just one bc I <3 all of my children :-)

  13. Ones my kids made me and one I ve had was my dog joey thats no longer with us! Still remember him ! He loved christmas and opening his gifts as much as my kids did I think he was as close to human a dog can get !

  14. Megan Cravens
    7:37 pm 10/25/2013

    I have two favorites, a snowman in a diaper, my oldest girl’s 1st ornament, and a bottle with a bear and my daughter’s name, youngest daughter’s 1st one.

  15. Carolann Leibenguth
    8:26 pm 10/25/2013

    My favorite Christmas ornament was one my Grandma handed down to me that has been in the family for years. It is gold and has angels on it, it is used to hold candles on the tree.

  16. 8:43 pm 10/25/2013

    My favorite christmas ornament has always been the angel! We would decorate our tree and the angel was our tree topper. My mom had these golden angels we hung on the tree too! As I’ve grown I still put angels on my tree and our tree topper is an angel! My grandma always told me they watch over us! I have always enjoyed watching them hanging on the tree. The tree just isn’t complete without the angel!

  17. Stephanie Phelps
    8:47 pm 10/25/2013

    Mine is our first home because that is were we started our lives together!

  18. Kim Pinch
    8:53 pm 10/25/2013

    My favorite ornament is an elf that I used to put on the tree when I was little. It is the only one I have from my childhood.

  19. My favorite is my first couple ornament that we got the first year we got married.

  20. Kate D.
    9:05 pm 10/25/2013

    My favorite Christmas ornament is one that my Mom gave me when I moved into my first apartment.

  21. bev
    10:49 pm 10/25/2013

    My favorite ornaments are the ones me and my kids make every year! I love ’em. Thanks for sharing

  22. Lacey Stokes
    1:00 am 10/26/2013

    all of my babies 1st christmas and “our” first christmas!

  23. Sandrea Igess
    1:45 am 10/26/2013

    The ones my kids make every holiday

  24. pj nalon
    3:16 am 10/26/2013

    My fav orite ornament are all the ones my children have made through the years.

  25. Aleshia Ludwig
    8:46 am 10/26/2013

    The One With My Daughters HandPrint!

  26. Libby Hayes
    8:58 am 10/26/2013

    My favorite Christmas tree ornament is a small glass bell with stripes and ‘snow’ on it. It belonged to my Mother.

  27. Debbie Craine
    2:46 pm 10/26/2013

    The first on that my son and daughter bought for me of their own choosing.

  28. Maggie
    6:29 pm 10/26/2013

    I don’t have ornaments. After my kids were stolen I stopped decorating for Christmas.

  29. kuiann rudolf
    8:36 pm 10/26/2013

    My favorite is Santa Claus ,it reminds me of my child hood

  30. Patricia Gordon
    8:37 pm 10/26/2013

    I don’t have just 1 favorite, I have 4, the very first each one of my kids made when they were 5.

  31. Kelly Gunsch
    8:54 pm 10/26/2013

    I have several ornaments that HAVE to be on my tree! One of those is an antique blown glass bell that was on my grandma’s tree.

  32. Sindy Murray
    9:28 pm 10/26/2013

    I like the ornaments my kids make every year. They are happy to see their work display on the tree!!

  33. Dottie Chestnut Lewis
    12:22 am 10/27/2013

    Mt favorite ornaments are of course the ones my kids made!

  34. Janna Pastir
    12:16 pm 10/27/2013

    I love sentimental gifts and last year after getting engaged in November my husband had an ornament made that had myself, him, my stepson, and our puppy on it and said “The Pastir Family” on it. It means so much to me!

  35. Amy
    6:00 pm 10/27/2013

    We could really use a tree this year!

  36. my wooden in memory of loved ones

  37. Marilyn
    6:02 pm 10/27/2013

    My favorite Christmas Ornament is a little pink plastic angel that I ‘stole’ from my dad when I was 4. I took it off the tree one night before santa came and hid it in my room, I thought she would bring me good lick. I called her mi chrismas fairy. it must have worked because I always had a good Christmas. I started hanging her on my daughters headboard last year to continue the tradition.

  38. karena rendon
    6:07 pm 10/27/2013

    deff the sentimental ones :) the plain colored ones are okay but the tree screams love when its all memories hanging

  39. I love the star on top……new beginnings…..The ornements are of course the ones the kids made through the years.

  40. Gayle
    6:45 pm 10/27/2013

    My favorite ornament is an angel charm engraved with our baby daughters name,birthdate , wright and height. It was purchased in 1981,

  41. michele loconsole
    7:21 pm 10/27/2013

    My kids hands and feet in plaster from their 1st Christmas are my favorites

  42. kristen
    7:25 pm 10/27/2013

    I have my baby’s first Christmas ornament from when I was a baby.

  43. Theresa Gonzalez
    10:22 am 10/28/2013

    I love Christmas and need a new tree. .. This would be perfect

  44. chasity underwood
    3:24 pm 10/28/2013

    Would love this in my home!!

  45. Leslie P.
    7:30 pm 10/28/2013

    My favorite ones are the ones my children made. They are all grown now and they become more precious with every passing year.

  46. Stephanie Reed
    8:28 pm 10/28/2013

    My favorites are my Snoopy/Peanuts gang ornaments and my glass parrot ornaments.

    • Stephanie Reed
      8:30 pm 10/28/2013

      The special meaning behind them are that I’ve loved Snoopy since I was a little girl and I have a real parrot so the ornaments always remind me of him.

  47. Tina S
    8:55 pm 10/28/2013

    Every year my husbands grandmother paints an ornament for our tree. These are our favorites because so much time and attention is put into each one.

  48. amy williams
    10:41 pm 10/28/2013

    I have several and they are all made by my two boys

  49. Marie Butler
    11:24 am 10/29/2013

    Our homemade family ornaments because we have a fantastic time together making them.

  50. Cathy Riley
    6:19 pm 10/29/2013

    I love all of my old decorations my children made

  51. Joni Owada
    7:12 pm 10/29/2013

    I think my favorites are our 4 Children’s first Christmas ornaments with their pictures on them.

  52. Deana Garcia
    7:21 pm 10/29/2013

    Would love to win this because we have not had a tree in at least ten years now and we are raising our grandson and would love to give him a Christmas tree this year.

  53. Susan Broughton
    5:12 am 10/30/2013

    Since my husband and I met and then married 2 years later we have been getting a Christmas ornament each year we are together. Needless to say we have a lot or ornaments since we met in 1978 lol. So my favorite ornament would be that first ornament we purchased together when we first started seeing each other.

  54. Jackie
    10:23 am 10/30/2013

    I have been using a 3ft Charlie Brown Christmas tree for the last five years, and it’s a hand me down to boot. I never have any extra money for a new tree after scraping for gifts for everyone. Sure would love a new tree!

  55. Tamy V
    10:54 am 10/30/2013

    My favorite ornaments are the handmade ones family and friends give me, my second favorite are the entire collection of Dunkin Doughnuts ornaments.

  56. Mindy Jean Dahl
    11:59 am 10/30/2013

    certainly would love this…

  57. Silvia Reid
    1:17 pm 10/30/2013

    My favorite Christmas tree ornaments are my kids 1st xmas ornaments we get from Kohls that are snow globe that light up and have their names on them.

  58. Sheri
    2:47 pm 10/30/2013

    My favorite is the tiny baby book I filled out for my first baby’s first christmas. I don’t think I need to tell how much this means to me! 😉

  59. Michelle Castagne
    9:34 pm 10/30/2013

    My favorite is one someone made for me of my dog.

  60. Lisa B.
    10:40 pm 10/30/2013

    My favorite one is the one that my son made me in Kindergarten, it has a picture of him in it! I also like my Scooby Doo ornaments because I have always loved Scooby!

  61. Jaclyn Reynolds
    8:19 am 10/31/2013

    My favorite ornament is a personalized xmas tree with all our names on it!

  62. beth embrey
    8:20 am 10/31/2013

    A green plastic bell that I got in 1965 from the five and ten store for 5 cents. All of us kids got to pick a bell for the tree in our favorite color.

  63. brittany garrett
    8:26 am 10/31/2013

    My favorite ordament was my family’s last name ball, it was beautiful

  64. Wendy Baker
    8:53 am 10/31/2013

    My favorite ornaments are the home made ones!! They mean so much an show how much time you an your family took to make them it just gives you an your family time to spend with each other away from the everyday hussle an bussle of our busy lives!! An you will always have the memory of what you were doing an what all was going on at that time of your lives!! Precious memories !!!

  65. Melinda Berlin
    6:10 pm 10/31/2013

    Favorite ornaments are all handmade by my daughter through the years with Popsicle sticks, dry pasta, glitters & glues. She is 22 now & I would love to win a tree for her first home she just moved into last weekend.

  66. lori webb
    6:36 pm 10/31/2013

    Hallmark series “Mary’s angels” are my favorite ornaments. My mother collected them and after she passed away I continued collecting and hang all of them on my tree. Perfect way to remember and honor her.

  67. lola
    6:46 pm 10/31/2013

    a small blue had blown one with little boy blue have it forever until we moed a few years ago it broke

  68. jane jakins
    6:54 pm 10/31/2013

    fav christmas tree cedar

    7:03 pm 10/31/2013

    My kids made Little wooden ornaments that they painted when they were young, they are all over fifty now.

  70. Cheryl Bartram
    7:19 pm 10/31/2013

    My favorite ornaments are the ones the kids made me with their handprints, I will cherish together

  71. My daughters first christmas, she is now 35 years old

  72. karen greenwood
    7:34 pm 10/31/2013

    My favorite ornament is one that was from my grandmother’s tree. It is a pink house that looks like it is made of candy. It always makes me think of childhood.

  73. Joanne Earle
    7:43 pm 10/31/2013

    Every year we try and make a special yearly ornament. Those are my favorite to look back over the years.

  74. Joanne Earle
    7:44 pm 10/31/2013

    Every year we try and do a yearly ornament. Those are the ones I love to look at and think about years gone by.

  75. Rebecca Wright
    7:53 pm 10/31/2013

    I would love to win this tree.

  76. Tina H.
    8:00 pm 10/31/2013

    My favorite ornaments, are my kids first baby ones.

  77. Allen Chase
    9:54 pm 10/31/2013

    My Favorite ornament is the one my 2 girls have made when they where in grade school a snowflake and a 3 year old one with a little finger print so small of hands, I remember when I went to weight these babies now their grown adults and It’s so sad,I cry sometimes at Christmas time when people come over they see this ugly looking tree It’s over 20 years old. I’m almost 80 and It’s hard to put the tree up, I get my grandkids to help.

  78. Denise Bigley
    10:25 pm 10/31/2013

    My favorite ornament is the one that has all my familys names on it.I always put out right out front

  79. marie
    11:26 pm 10/31/2013

    my favorite is an angel, because i love angels!

  80. Valerie Carpenter
    4:32 am 11/01/2013

    My favorite ones are the ornaments each of my kids got for their first Christmas.

  81. Amy
    7:06 am 11/01/2013

    My favorite ornaments are the ones that my kids made at school. They have their pictures in them. So cute.

  82. tammy tinsley
    11:09 am 11/01/2013

    my favorite is a noahs arc, and a ballet slipper, both are my kids 1st Christmas ornaments

  83. Stephanie
    2:53 pm 11/01/2013

    My favorite ornament would be our treetopper. It is a fiberoptic angel – just gorgeous.

  84. Sharon G
    3:36 pm 11/01/2013

    A homemade wreath my son made in elementary school. Brings back memories of how excited he was to give it to me, made and wrapped all by himself!

  85. laurie
    5:43 pm 11/01/2013

    my fave ornament is the ornaments my kids made

  86. Sherry Fowler
    10:30 pm 11/01/2013

    my fav decorations are the ones my kids have made over the years; mean so much to me