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Grilletâ„¢ 3-in-1 Indoor Grill review by Emptynester Reviews


ASP-238BI am reviewing for you the Aroma Grillet 3-in-1 indoor Grill today, it is not your typical indoor grill it is also a steamer and slow cooker all in one!  The removable temperature control probe goes up to 450 degrees F. heats very quickly and evenly. The outer housing is completely cool to touch during the cooking process, as a great safety feature. The grillet has a tempered glass lid with a steam escape hole that provides the even cooking and steaming process. This has been a fun and functional addition to my home, I love a good steak anytime of year as well as being able to steam vegies without getting them soggy laying in the bottom of the pan. I like making one pot meals and this has proven itself with making my meatball stroganoff, I can brown my meatballs, then add my other ingredients and let simmer! Love this! Randy has been able to completely master the Grillet using the different temperatures to make several meals now and they all turn out wonderfully!

The Grillet comes with an extra large 14″ grill and the deep construction is great making it a 4 quart pot! This alone is amazing for making chili, stews and numerous other family favorites. Being able to cook your meat perfectly and then adding the rest of the ingredients to this large ensemble is fantastic! The raised grill feature makes the perfect searing patterns to your favorite grilled foods and allows the fat to drip away, however I am finding that with the high heat searing, there is barely any juices that escape and cleanup is a SNAP! The cast aluminum pot wipes off easily, is removable and you can ever use your dishwasher!

Tips for making your food taste grilled are to add a couple drops of liquid smoke to the bottom of the grillet then turn it up to approx 300 degrees and then sear your food until outside is browned then turn down to cook internally to your desired taste.

The Aroma Grillet can be found online here-> and also many department stores!

retail price is $49.99


I recommend following Aroma Housewares on all their social Networks as I now have 2 of their products and I can’t say enough how often we use and admire their craftsmanship and versatility! LOVE THEM!

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I can’t say enough how amazing technology has come to allow a great product such as the Grillet to be manufactured and brought into our homes!

This would make a PERFECT CHRISTMAS Gift this year!

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