3 Things That Make Dog Food Premium

Most dog owners treasure their pets, with many regarding them as more of important family members than pets. These owners always want their furry friends to be healthy, cheery, and live a long and fulfilled. Smart owners understand that one way of achieving these goals starts with healthy nutrition. A balanced nutritional diet through premium pet foods means proper weight, better digestion, increased energy, and an overall happier dog. Likewise, using premium dog food ensures higher standards in the availability and sources of nutritional content. Here are the three things that make dog food premium:

1) Dry Food

A key differentiator between low quality and premium quality dog food is the preparation method. In this case, dry pressed food is regarded as ‘premium’ since it is typically produced at considerably lower temperatures. That unique production method preserves the nutritional content of all the ingredients.

In contrast, most low quality canned foods usually contain 75% of water and are quite mushy. In comparison, dry food offers more nutrition per every serving, with only 10% of water. Premium quality dry farm food also does not contain any harmful chemical additives like flavors, colors, preservatives, or binders. It also enhances oral health by providing some level of resistance during chewing, which is beneficial in preventing plaque and tooth decay.

2) Extensive Testing

Dog foods must adhere to highly strict nutritional guidelines to earn the tag of ‘premium’ foods. It must start from a high-quality base of ingredients and supplements, which must be innovatively combined to guarantee optimal flavor and nutritional balance. Besides testing the specific elements, the research team also checks whether the foods are palatable and digestible. Hence, a premium pet food firm must spend a huge amount of resources to test their products to ensure that they meet and exceed the necessary high standards.

3) Minimum Feeding Portion Requirements

Every pet food brand will have its feeding recommendations. For instance, budget pet foods typically have high levels of fiber or fillers but a lower nutritional content. That means that you need to feed your pet lots of the pet food to get the daily-recommended levels of protein, along with the other essential nutritional elements. In contrast, premium pet products do not have these unnecessary fillers.

Besides having better quality ingredients, premium products also seek to have high percentages of absorption into the pet’s body. That means that your pet will need fewer amounts of food to feel sufficiently satisfied and even to get the necessary beneficial nutrients. Hence, premium foods are much more efficient and will have less wasted materials coming out as stools.

When you consider all the various things listed above that make dog food premium, it is easy to see why many dog owners today are choosing to buy premium products. They are much more valuable and contain better quality nutrients for dogs as compared to low-quality foods. Also, pets must eat more amounts of non-premium pet foods to achieve the recommended nutritional requirements. Considering the benefits and better quality of ingredients in premium foods, they deliver more value to your pet.