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An evening at home.


I am one who loves evenings at home and this is where I truly prefer to be and with the people that I enjoy spending my time with. We have had horrible storms the last couple of days and couldn’t even enjoy B-B-Queuing outside so this evening was an opportunity before the next storm.  Amber’s B-B-Que chicken cooked quickly  while Krista prepared the fruit salad, apparatus and slaw.   While they were cooking I was able to talk to my son, Kris, who called from California. Both girls had  boy friends over for dinner, one who I hope is just a friend and the other who has the new young boyfriend thing going on.

Dinner was awesome enjoyed by all and then on to one of my favorite nights for TV watching.  You see we can multitask being on the laptop while enjoying the season finale of Dallas, shouting at our favorites on the Voice and wining down watching Bones.

The pups were enjoying sitting on the couch watching TV with us and playing with each other and their toys.  Of course I love watching them play but when it comes time to me to get on the laptop they both jump on my lap…. I eventually move to the table to document my ramblings for the evening.

You see my Dad was the one who felt that home was the last place you wanted to be.  My Mom was the one who didn’t want to be home in the evenings because she didn’t want to be home alone.  At sometime in my life I may feel the same way but right now and even earlier in my life I love being home.  I can be home for days on end without leaving the house and still love my home. My sister-in-law has to have someplace to go every day to have a purpose but still all in all my purpose is my home. Maybe this feeling comes with age or maybe I have always felt this way but all in all I will continue to enjoy my home, my family, and even the boyfriends(?) on my own terms and on my own time.

Someone said that these are our Golden Years and we earned the right to enjoy our life.  I don’t know if I truly EARNED it but man will I ever accept it and be happy with all that this allows me to have.

Gotta get back and watch the rest of Bones.  Hope that you all enjoy your Monday night as well…